Top 5 Benefits of API-led Connectivity

Top 5 Benefits of API-led Connectivity

API-based connectivity is a global way to connect data to applications through reusable APIs designed for that purpose. Unlike point-to-point integration approaches, API-based connectivity relies on well-designed, well-managed discoverability, self-service, and reuse of APIs.Businesses in all sectors have had many advantages in adopting an API-based connectivity approach, rather than the usual point-to-point approach. Here are the top five benefits of adopting API-based connectivity:

  1. A painless transition to the cloud: Our recent baseline report on connectivity reveals that 81% of IT decision-makers say that cloud migration is “very important” to their business, but that transition is not always easy, especially with legacy systems. US retailer Sur La Table found that one of the key benefits of API-based connectivity was moving from on-premise systems to a cloud infrastructure, and then using that infrastructure to experiment and innovate faster. Thanks to API-based connectivity, Sur La Table is now able to move from prototype to production 3 to 4 times faster than previous point-to-point integration methods.
  2. Expand your global presence: Addison Lee is a London-based car service, carrying millions of passengers a year. To expand into new markets globally, the company used API-based connectivity to unlock its data and infrastructure to support the necessary systems. “API-based connectivity is the key to our growth aspirations,” says Peter Ingram, CTO of Addison Lee.
  3. Build your infrastructure to meet record growth: Spotify, the streaming music service, has been fortunate to experience unprecedented growth in recent years, but it has also meant siloing systems and duplicating tasks. Spotify uses an API-based connectivity approach to deploy reusable APIs and microservices, enabling them to accelerate application development and integrate existing systems, including data warehouses and ERP.
  4. Give sales reps real-time access to customer information: Our report on connected consumers shows that the speed with which they can respond to customer demands is a critical competitive differentiator between companies in many industries. The longer a company responds, the more likely a potential customer is to abandon it. The transmission of information in the real-time can, therefore, make the difference between a sale and, well, no. Application Monitoring Company, New Relic, has found that one of the important benefits of API-based connectivity is the ability to provide real-time information about potential customers to their sales team, to handle large volumes Salesforce data and securely connect them to Amazon RDS. This gives sales teams real-time access to critical customer information, as opposed to the need to consult disparate systems to find what they need.
  5. Create an omnichannel customer experience:

The GANT clothing retailer experienced a loss of revenue when the stock was not available to the buyers of their website. However, they found it difficult to optimize inventory data and enable collection in the stores due to siled data in disparate systems. GANT leveraged API-based connectivity by creating reusable APIs to connect these systems. With API-based connectivity, GANT was able to launch its online inventory product in a matter of weeks and better realize its Omni-channel initiatives.

The benefits of API-driven connectivity, as well as the agility and speed it can offer, have produced dramatic business results in such disparate industries as retail, high technology, and transportation. Examine how API-based connectivity has enabled digital transformation in many other businesses and how it could benefit your business.

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