Ever wonder why people put so much importance on using natural and organic ingredients in skin care products? People can find a variety of goods like bubble bath, perfumed body powder, bath soaks and foot creams that boast about the herbs and natural oils that they use.

What exactly is so great about natural ingredients? And on a related note, what exactly is so bad about non-natural or synthetic ones? In both cases, the answer is, “A lot.”

Skin care and personal care products that contain a lot of synthetic chemicals can end up doing more harm than good to a person’s body. For example, hand lotions or face creams that only have non-natural ingredients can interfere with the skin’s ability to breathe properly, which could lead to irritation and acne. They can also help create wrinkles and dullness in the future. This is more than a little ironic, considering that these products are supposed to prevent such issues.

This is where skin care products that feature more natural ingredients have a major advantage. Health- and beauty-conscious consumers can find products such as vegan, gluten-free glycerin lotion, which use a mix of oils and plant extracts to heal and restore cracked and extremely dry skin. This type of lotion is made from vegetable glycerin, which helps skin retain its moisture.

Another excellent type of skin care product is vitamin E lotion, soap and body cream. Vitamin E is very important for keeping skin healthy and young-looking. Research has shown that it reduces inflammation both inside the body and on the skin’s surface. It also helps prevent wrinkles, slows aging and protects the skin from UV rays and skin cancer.

One more readily available body care product based on natural ingredients is perfumed body powder. People can add a subtle, pleasant fragrance to their skin with powders that use ingredients like oat protein, sweet almond oil and extracts of sage and marigold. Ingredients like these also have skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Camille Beckman takes great pride in making top-quality personal care products with carefully researched and formulated herbal complexes. The company’s best-selling products include its signature hand therapy, which uses a special mix of almond oil, vegetable glycerin and other ingredients to keep skin smooth and healthy.

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