Crimping and cable tool are both used by amateurs and professionals alike. When something goes wrong with a household cable, the general tendency among people is to fix it by themselves. No one hires an electrician to fix a broken bulk or a weathered cable. The perks of doing the job are several: one doesn’t have to wait for an electrician to come around, there’s no additional cost (except for the cost of these tools), and one can get the job done at one’s own convenience.

crimping tools

Therefore, it is advisable to possess some basic skills that would help you as an amateur to cope with common problems of broken electric connection. For people who understand the mechanization, one question that arises is where are they supposed to find these tools. Like every other commodity, crimping tools can now be purchased online.

Crimping a cable to a connector

This is a feat people can accomplish by themselves. Crimping a cable to a connector involves multiple steps, but with the right tools, they can be done pretty conveniently.

  1. The first step involves exposing the UTP cable or the coaxial. You need to do this using a wire cutter. Almost everyone at some point has noticed how electricians strip that outer insulation of that cable to expose the thin copper wire (the actual conductor) within. The purpose here is to expose a small part of the metal wire. About half an inch of the bared copper wire should do your job. You must carefully trim the cord’s tip using a simple cable stripper. Repeat this same exercise for the UTP cable.
  1. Once you accomplish this, put that cable sheath into the plug. Make sure about half an inch of that sheath enters. Then, hold it in place with the help of a crimp. Now, wound that crimp tightly around the conductor using the crimping tools.In the end, the loose wires are to be trimmed, and the connection softly tugged to make sure that it is well formed.

Safety issues

At this point, it is important to address all safety issues especially when it is about amateur ventures of fixing electrical problems. As long as you follow the recommended scientific methods of using right cable tools, you will be safe. For further safety, it is advised you to wear shock-resistant gloves while carrying out this job.

Where can one buy these tools?

These tools required for connecting cables and conductors are quite naturally not available in your house. So, you need to purchase them from a supplier. Nowadays, you can easily purchase these tools online using various modes of payment.

Look for exact crimping tools you need as they are available in multiple variations. It will be ideal to browse the products before deciding (which can be easily done when shopping online). Tools and toolkits available together come with all the necessary equipment to complete the entire job safely at home.