The popularity of cryotherapy is exploding as exciting health and wellness benefits are discovered by users around the world. Cryotherapy is a health phenomenon during which the human body is subjected to extremely low temperatures for a short period of time. This exposure to temperatures as low as -200°F stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities beginning the instant a patient enters the specially-designed cryotherapy machine or cryosauna.

Cryotherapy devotees report having more energy and stamina, which reduces fatigue and makes deeper sleep possible. The intense cold has been shown to numb entire areas of the body, thus providing effective pain relief—similar to icing an injury, but on a whole-body level.

Cryosaunas have begun to pop up in diverse markets, including:

Sports and Fitness

Many athletes—from professionals to weekend warriors—incorporate cryotherapy treatments into gym routines to help them maximize the workout’s physical benefits, facilitate quicker recovery and for pain-management. Professional sports organizations are now introducing cryosaunas into training facilities after recognizing benefits in elevating the body’s overall performance and enhancing users’ overall physical and mental well-being.


Cryotherapy machines are now found in more high-end resorts and spas across the globe. Clients view treatments as an effective tool for distressing, detoxifying and reenergizing their bodies and expect access to cryo-treatments everywhere they go, including while traveling. With cryotherapy, resorts can offer added value to their guests and also see tremendous revenue and profit potential.

Therapy Centers

Physical therapists are utilizing cryotherapy after recognizing its effectiveness in the treatment of acute and sub-acute injuries and associated pain. Therapists know first-hand how cryotherapy can stimulate the immune system, dramatically increase the blood’s endorphin levels and effectively block pain, particularly post-surgery.

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About Impact Cryotherapy:

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