It’s almost time to deck the halls, and that means the gift-giving season is officially here. While it’s certainly fun to get a little creative, sometimes the more practical gifts can go a long way. Take, for example, the most popular baby gifts on Amazon, which include practical items like:

· Diapers

· Baby bath sets

· Changing pads

· Bottle cleaning brushes

· Breast milk storage bags

As you can see, these gifts err on the practical side of the gift-giving spectrum and, by many accounts, can be a godsend during the first few months.


While the holiday season might be a time to get away from pure practicality, there’s nothing that says you can’t deliver a gift that is both form and function. Whether you’re searching for Christmas or holiday gifts for your own little bundle of joy or another little one in your life, follow this gift guide for practical and adorable gifts for babies and new parents.

Burp Cloths

Treat both mom and the little one with a pack of silky soft cotton muslin burp bibs that double as burp cloths. Babies will love the soft cotton muslin and parents will appreciate the reduction in laundry.

Look for machine washable burp cloths made with four layers of 100% viscose made from bamboo. The natural fibers won’t irritate baby’s skin but will offer a soft, breathable feel.

Baby Blankets

There is no such thing as too many baby blankets. With fun, bright colors, adorable characters, and unique graphics, soft baby blankets make a perfect gift.

Look for blankets with a natural fabric that babies will love during playtime, cuddling time, and story time. Make sure any blanket is machine washable and made with soft, pre-washed fabric that your baby will love to touch and grab.

Dreamy baby blankets with horses, giraffes, whales, or dogs will make sure your baby sleeps soundly and will introduce your little one to some of your favorite creatures. Look for blankets made with several layers of natural fabric such as cotton muslin for a soft, plush feel that your baby will love.

Receiving Blankets

Give the gift of hugs and snuggles with a soft, gently textured receiving blanket made with cotton muslin. This gift will make babies and parents feel cozy and secure, and a machine washable blanket will ensure it stays fresh and soft.

Look for cute themes like Mickey, Winnie the Pooh, or The Jungle Book, or adorable animal patterns like horses, giraffes, whales, or dogs.

Gift Set

If you know the new parents well or you’re looking for a good group gift, you can create a cute Christmas gift basket that includes one of each of these items. Look for complementary colors and patterns that both baby and parents will love, including soft blues, cute pinks, and soothing greens in fun patterns that incorporate animals, nautical creatures, or geometric shapes.

Gift sets are also a perfect way to give new parents something that is both practical and cute. Select a mix of items that any new parent will love, including diapers, bath-time favorites, baby bibs, blankets, and swaddling sets.

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