Smoking involves the consumption of tobacco and nicotine, which may be an aid for relieving stress, offering temporary pleasure as well as a habit of forced peer pressure. It is often a kind of social activity, where the people try it to look cool or just to blend in. However, they rarely realize that it can become an addiction. The nicotine in the cigarettes can reach into the body within seconds, and then it mimics with the activity of the neurotransmitters. Not only the youth, but there are innumerable celebrities who smoke cigarettes.

Basically, the nicotine will cause your brain to release increased adrenaline, thus giving you a boost of energy and calming your chaotic minds. Once this feeling goes away, people want to smoke more. Such is an effect of smoking, which further causes its addiction. And when people don’t smoke, it causes a series of withdrawal symptoms in them, making them feel sad or depressed, less heart rate, inability to sleep. Thus, it becomes difficult for the people to leave this habit.

At times, the people smoke cigarettes with alcohol, which may further amplify the ill-effects of smoking or alcohol on our body. This is often done to reduce the sleepiness caused by the alcohol and to keep them more alert and indulged in smoking. But little did they know that this combination can cause some serious trouble as well as problems for you in the near future. The nicotine causes the people to perceive that smoking is a kind of positive behavior. It disrupts the normal behavioral or thinking mechanisms of the brain, making them more and more inclined towards smoking. For the same purpose, there are a plethora of firms and experts who help the normal people to quit smoking with alcohol.

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