Ketogenic diets are popular plans for people who struggle with obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Ketosis is triggered by a low-carbohydrate and high-fat intake diet but can be challenging for some people to maintain for long periods of time. Keto protein shakes and powders can be used to maintain a long-term ketologic diet while still tasting delicious and providing energy. Before deciding to enter a ketologic lifestyle, talk to a doctor about the risks and benefits as well as create a personalized plan that takes into account your individual needs and medical history.

Because it can be challenging to adhere to a keto diet, meal planning and meal supplements are incredibly helpful to maintain a state of ketosis. The standard ratio of four grams of fat for every gram of protein can be considered restrictive by many, but consuming a keto protein shake that has predetermined measurements makes eating uncomplicated. Choosing the best keto shakes means looking for a variety of factors. Make sure there are no artificial sweeteners, that net carbs are less than 5g, and that the fats are from natural sources such as coconut oil rather than industrial seed oils.

Keeping a balance between a high-fat intake and protein consumption is challenging. Consuming a keto shake that mindfully includes a non-inflammatory source of protein is a smart way to safely and successfully continue a state of ketosis. Ketologie produces one of the few keto powders that is gluten-free, sugar-free, whey-free and soy-free, following the advice of many leading nutrition experts. Flavor is obviously an important characteristic of excellent protein powders; finding natural flavored chocolate and vanilla can be the jackpot of keto protein shakes! Another way to make protein shakes keto friendly in addition to keto-targeting powders is to use coconut oil or powder to assist in fat-burning and energy-boosting. Coconut oil contains MCTs which in turn boost ketone levels, beneficial to a transitioning diet or long-term ketosis.

Recipes for delicious and power-fueling keto protein shakes can be found on Ketologie’s website, making it easy to live a keto lifestyle that is structured but full of variety. Ketologie also offers a 21 day kickstart program that guides new keto dieters easily and successfully transition into a state of ketosis.

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Ketologie is a leading provider of keto powder and other keto- and VLCHF-friendly products. The company’s goal is to give more delicious options to people on the ketogenic diet.

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