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Sound health not only means keeping a health body but it also includes a healthy mental condition

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Health can, generally, be measured on major three parameters: Physical, Psychological and Nutritional. Physical health means the physical appearance of a person; Nutritional health means the presence of essential nutrients in the body to fight diseases with immunity. Psychological health means the ability of a person to maintain mental alertness, calm and composure in all circumstances of life.

Health professionals consider cancer, diabetes and several other mental and physical health issues such as depression, lethargic attitude, etc, deficiencies in fitness and well-being of an individual. Unhealthy and unfit lifestyle of an individual can result in premature death.

Obesity and lack of physical fitness in younger people, sets the stage for diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems. Walking, running, cycling, playing, swimming, gardening, skipping, weight-lifting and Yoga are some of the important activities which help maintain fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  A person who is fit physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes in their circumstances. One should spend time outdoors in the sun, breathing fresh air and taking part in healthy activities. Staying active makes you stay energetic.

Out of the several components that affect one’s health, the following seven key physical components to ensure the overall good health, fitness and mental well-being are:

  • Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning
  • Strength Training and Muscular Development
  • Stretching – Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons
  • Core Stability – Both physical and mental
  • Nutrition and Supplementation – Balanced Diet
  • Mental Rest and Relaxation – Balanced lifestyle
  • Sleep – Regular sleep

Eating healthy nutrients rich food, exercising, taking sufficient sleep, avoiding intake of harmful substances are just few simple ways to stay healthy and fit. These are directly related to your mental, physical and emotional health. Fitness and mental well-being are essential parts of a healthy life. The benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle are undeniable.

Whether you decide to increase your activity levels slightly or develop and participate in a thorough fitness plan, will pay off in the long run. Exercise is good for your health of various organs of your body and makes you feel stronger.

Nutrition and fitness are essential and contribute to you looking and feeling good. And by eating the right foods and having the right amount of exercise, you could lower the chances of getting a serious life-threatening disease.

Things to do for maintaining balanced healthy and fit lifestyle:

  • Keep the body hydrated – Drink lots of water
  • Washing hands before and after meals – Maintain sanitation
  • Regular exercise
  • Intake of nutrients
  • Regular, sound sleep

Conclusion: Sound health not only means keeping a healthy body, it also includes a healthy mental condition. Your health depends upon several factors, such as, food, fresh air, regular sleeping habits, water, sunlight, and mental well being.

Morning walks and exercises are very helpful for ensuring the fitness of our mind and body.

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