The best grocery brokers can have a profound impact upon their clients’ success. They can help food vendors navigate industry trends and keep them on the path to greater profitability. Here are two examples:

Expansion of Grocery Delivery Services

This is probably no secret, but the internet is rapidly changing how consumers buy their groceries. A good food broker can help vendors stay on top of those changes and leverage them to their advantage.

Recently, Walmart announced that it would expand its 100 metropolitan areas by the end of 2018. According to a March 14 article in Supermarket News, customers will be able to choose between same-day or scheduled deliveries. Walmart also stated that it would hire thousands of in-store pickers to gather the items in customer orders. Once these pickers collect an order, it will be delivered to the customer’s address via providers like Uber.

The article notes that Walmart is making this big expansion as retailers like Kroger and Costco are building up their own delivery services. Bill Bishop from Brick Meets Click told Supermarket News that the expansion “is a further indication that it will be Walmart, not Amazon, that is the big competitor to supermarkets for the online grocery shopping business.”

A first-rate CPG sales and marketing agency can help its clients stand out on the web. It can assist with developing and executing online marketing campaigns that draw the attention of both retailers and average consumers. A great grocery broker can also engage influencers and guide activity on social media.

The Rise of the Digital Coupon

Everyone loves coupons. This is especially true in the case of digital coupons. According to a study by Supermarket News, 45% of shoppers loaded coupons to loyalty cards in 2017. Out of that group, 90% said that those coupons persuaded them to buy a product. Here are some more encouraging statistics:

  • 39% would buy a brand that they had not purchased before.
  • 38.5% would buy more of a product.
  • 39.1% would buy a product sooner.

Top-notch grocery brokers can enable their clients to tap into this potential. They can help vendors create coupons and content that entice consumers to buy.

Impact Group provides grocery vendors with comprehensive CPG marketing services. The company offers data-driven insights, sales support and much more.

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