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Did You Know Google Mines Your Gmail Inbox To Track Your Purchases History?


Today we are highly dependent on many companies such as Google which provide a variety of services. We use Google Search, Google Maps, Google Assistant and Gmail on a daily basis. But, just like every good thing that comes along there are some negative aspects. The result is, we may need to compromise our privacy to use these services. As a matter of fact, Google goes to a great extent to collect detailed information about its users. We can’t even keep a track of the data that is collected by Google or delete sensitive information.

Most importantly, Google keeps a record of all your purchases and maintains a detailed history against your account. A recent report proves the company uses the digital receipts generated against your Gmail account to track what you have purchased so far. You won’t believe that Google is compiling a list by scanning your inbox. Google even tracks your Purchases page to mine details of what you shopped for long ago.

Microsoft, Google, and other tech giants have been recently surrounded by the data leak scandals. Many big names in the industry have completely failed to protect user data. Moreover, they have been questioned about the ways they use to collect user data to improve their services.

Not only the purchases history but Google tracks other sensitive details too. Login to your Gmail account, you can now navigate to the Google search bar and type “My trips” or “My flights”. You will definitely be amazed to see the entire history displayed on your page.

At the time of writing this article, there is no official confirmation from Google on this matter. According to Google’s spokesperson, the company does not use the “purchases” page to launch targeted advertisements campaigns.

This news is contradictory to Google’s stance at the recent Google IO 2019 developer conference. The company ensured its users that they are committed to protecting your privacy. But do you think that you should trust the tech companies with private information? In fact, companies like Google know more about you than your own family. Many big names in the industry have been lying to their users.

How to erase your purchasing history?

Google is of the opinion that records are only maintained to update its users about the information when they need it. However, there is no way that Google aims to sell these details to the third parties for advertising.

Many of you would now want to erase your purchasing history. If you are one of those you should keep in mind that currently, it is not possible to delete it. Google is smart enough to make it difficult for users to delete their private information.

If you visit your Purchases page, you will see that Google has not provided any option that can be used to delete the entire history. Alternatively, you need to manually delete each and every entry on the page to delete it. Furthermore, you should delete the corresponding email as well. As we can see that no one would take the pain to manually go through all the entries to delete them from the page. Even if, a small percentage of Gmail agree to, the amount of data lost would be negligible.

By the look of things, Google does not plan to implement any such option in the future. Obviously, the search giant would never want to lose such important data. It is a clear indication that the tech giants treat your sensitive details casually. Therefore, it is actually the right time to raise your voice against this practice. No one deserves the right to exploit your personal data.

What is your stance on the matter? Do you think that Google should stop mining your data?

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Author: Thomson Jack

Thomson Jack