For decades, world-class athletes, military service members, weekend warriors and others have used ice baths to accelerate post-workout recovery and alleviate delayed-onset muscle soreness. Though many users swore by traditional ice bath therapy, it required users to immerse most of their body in ice for 10 to 20 minutes. This duration was simply too long for many to be subjected to such extreme discomfort, meaning a high percentage never accessed the therapy’s potential benefits. Some even felt not remaining immersed for the entire recommended period could harm the body more than help it.

As ice bath therapy use declined, the popularity of cryotherapy is exploding. Its devotees—from Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore to athletes and in-the-know consumers everywhere—describe remarkable results in pain and weight management, workout recovery, collagen production, fatigue reduction, energy enhancement and mental wellness. Cryotherapy is offered in athletic centers, spas, physical therapist and chiropractor practices and medical facilities everywhere, though its history and the fundamentals of how it works are still mysteries to many.

Whole body cryotherapy was initially developed in Japan by Dr. Toshiro Yamauchi, who believed its inherent therapeutic properties effectively treated conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Since that time, cryotherapy has spread across the globe and is now called America’s “hottest new beauty trend.”

Simply put, cryotherapy refers to a variety of treatments during which the human body is exposed to extreme cold for a short period. A user steps into an open-top cylindrical chamber—called a cryotherapy machine or cryosauna—which is then filled with nitrogen vapor and a dry chill. As the ambient temperature drops to a range of -130°F to -185°F, she or he stands in the chamber for two to three minutes. Exposure to extreme temperatures triggers cold receptors and optimizes blood circulation to each area of the body, which loosens, relaxes and rejuvenates.

From a business perspective, investment in cryotherapy has proven to be highly successful and financially rewarding for entrepreneurs. Everyone—from gym operators and spa owners to rehabilitation centers and business owners looking for an exclusive employee benefit—can easily incorporate cryotherapy into an existing business startup venture.

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