When you’re outfitting a small warehouse, it can be difficult to determine what tools are necessary for your production. Below are some suggestions with detailed explanations to get you started.

3Hand lift truck

Easily lift awkward items with a hand lift truck. Capable of lifting over 300 pounds, this machine raises its base to meet the load at the height it needs to, and then can be adjusted to another height to unload. This reduces the likelihood of injury that can come with bending and lifting heavy objects or trying to carry too much in one trip. With multiple attachments, this is a machine that will be used daily in your warehouse.

Pallet jack

Pallet jacks are available in manual and powered options. If your warehouse is on the small side, a manual should be sufficient for your needs. A manual pallet jack utilizes a pump-operated hydraulic system and metal prongs to lift a pallet off the ground so it can be easily moved to where you need it.

Stock cart

A stock cart is a simple way to transport inventory from the warehouse to the storefront. Pile items that need to inventoried, restocked, or put back into the warehouse to transport materials in one quick back-and-forth load.

Motorized hand truck

Move loads up to a 1000 pounds on a flat surface with a motorized hand truck. Like its manual counterpart, a motorized hand truck can reduce the time needed to move a large, heavy load. Look for one that is packed with safety features like auto return to zero, regenerative braking, and automatic parking brake engagement to keep your staff safe and injury free.

Furniture dolly

A furniture dolly is a small, simple tool that remains on the ground supported by four small wheels. It is capable of moving a lot of weight for something so small, and it is an excellent solution to have as a backup on the warehouse floor.

Rolling ladder

Necessary for reaching high shelves for product stocking and restocking, a rolling ladder is a must-have for your warehouse. Better than a stationary ladder, a rolling option will make it simple to move without requiring setup or take down.

Pallet scale (shipping)

If you ship pallets out of your warehouse, you’ll want a pallet scale to calculate shipping rates with ease. A pallet scale can help you verify the weight of outgoing loads and reduce the chance of human error.

Anti-fatigue mat

Protect your employees while they stand for hours on end with anti-fatigue mats in high-use areas. A quality anti-fatigue mat can help keep workers comfortable by offering a padded surface on which to stand on.

Warehouse toolkit

You don’t want to have to search extensively every time you need a tool. Instead keep an organized toolbox that includes items that will get everyday use such as a pry bar, tape dispenser, box cutter, and hammer.

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