Moving day is never easy. Even if you have the funds to hire movers, it’s possible something will be misplaced, damaged, or completely destroyed. If you don’t have the spare funds for movers, it’s important to have the tools necessary to ensure a smooth move. Planning ahead can really save you time, muscle pain, and stress on moving day. Below are tools that will improve your moving experience.



Protect your hands from the dangers of moving with a sturdy pair of leather gloves. Durable gloves will limit the cuts, scrapes, and blisters you’re likely to incur on moving day.

Convertible hand truck

A convertible hand truck is your go-everywhere solution. It’s perfect for moving jobs that you aren’t anticipating, or when the short nose on a hand truck just isn’t enough for the job. A convertible hand truck can be used as a regular hand truck with two wheels or can be extended to carry things horizontally on four wheels doubling the weight and hauling capacities.

Furniture dolly

A furniture dolly is an inexpensive moving accessory that will reduce your loading and unloading times. A dolly remains on the ground supported by four small wheels and can be used to move large, bulky items like washing machines and couches. The downside of this tool is you will need assistance getting big items on and off of it. However, it is an inexpensive resource, and you can purchase one for as little as twenty bucks.

Furniture glides

These are an invaluable item around the house in addition to being useful during a move. Furniture glides, or slides, are simply plastic disks with an extra-soft or smooth bottom that, when placed under a piece of heavy furniture, allow you to slide it with ease. Perfect for moving or rearranging a room solo, furniture glides are an inexpensive solution worth considering.

Appliance hand truck

An appliance hand truck will save your back on moving day. These devices are designed to reduce strain to the user, while also protecting them from ending up underneath the load. An appliance hand truck is an excellent tool for moving insanely heavy, awkward items such as refrigerators or safes.

Drill set

A drill set will make the takedown and removal of beds and other furniture much easier. Bag screws and other hardware for an item together and tape the bag to the item so they don’t get lost in the move.


While you might not need it, a toolkit is a great thing to have on hand in case you do. A handy moving toolkit should include a hammer, screwdrivers in varying sizes, a box cutter, scissors, and other items that will make your day run more smoothly.

Blankets and/or tarps

You’ll want to protect all of your things from the shifting that will occur in the vehicle while driving. Inevitably, things will rub and possibly smack against each other, so wrapping furniture, art, and valuables will protect them from damage.

Ratchet straps

Secure your load with strong, durable ratchet straps. Control how secure your load is easily with tension ratchets that offer more strength.

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