People may not think much about hand trucks until they need to move something heavy or unwieldy. When that time comes, the value of these devices and similar pieces of equipment becomes clear.

Warehouses, delivery companies and others can now find a variety of durable, long-lasting hand trucks, which can handle hundreds of lbs. of material at a time. However, people may not know about more specialized equipment that can make different tasks easier. Here are three types of products that enable people to transport material safely:

Stair Climbing Dolly

A stair climbing dolly allows people to transport heavy loads quickly and safely up a flight of stairs. These devices have an electric motor-powered lifting mechanism, which extends and presses down on a stair. This reduces the effort needed to pull the dolly and its load up the staircase. Available devices let users adjust the speed of the mechanism to ensure their safety.

Also, the stair climbing dolly’s lifting mechanism can work like a brake when someone needs to take loads down staircases. The user can simply press a button to switch between ascend and descend modes.

People and organizations can find sturdy but surprisingly lightweight stair climbing dollies made of aluminum. They can easily handle loads of well over 300 lbs. High-quality models will have features like electronic overload protection and ergonomic designs; these allow people to maintain a comfortable posture while using the device and help prevent accidents and injuries.

Special Application Trucks

There are a wide range of hand trucks out there designed for more special applications as well. For instance, certain models have a built-in braking system and treads that make it much easier to move loads down flights of stairs. The treads act as a kind of caterpillar track, minimizing the bumps as the user moves the truck from one step to the next.

In addition to these specialized hand trucks, delivery companies and other organizations can find:

  • Hand trucks specifically designed to handle beverage cases for grocery and convenience store deliveries
  • Trucks with hanger bars and carpeted decks for transporting luggage
  • Hand trucks that can be used vertically or horizontally for transporting loads of different sizes

Lift Hand Truck

People can also find a battery-powered lift hand truck, which can raise and lower heavy loads using forks or platforms. Stackers like these can come in handy in areas where forklifts cannot fit.

Magliner has created innovative, high-quality hand trucks and other devices since 1947. Innovative yet user-friendly products like its stair climbing dolly and lift hand truck lines have helped make the company a leader in the material-handling industry.

About Magliner

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