Some of the best hunting happens to become available in the colder temperatures now upon us. So dust off those long johns, find some .300 AAC Blackout for sale (a favorite for winter whitetail), and start planning a safe, warm, and successful winter hunt.
Preparing for Winter Hunting

First things first, however, ensure that your long gun is squared away. Of course, you should be doing this anyway, but double-check that it has been thoroughly cleaned. Condensation can find its way onto and into the mechanisms of a rifle and freeze. Additionally, metal contracts in the winter, making the action tighter and the fitting closer. In these conditions, grime in moving parts or the bore can exacerbate the winter extremes leading to a weapon malfunction. And you don’t want one of those happening behind an ice-rimed duck blind with 12 gauge ammo in the breach.

It’s easy to remember in the summer because it’s hot, but water is obviously no less important in the winter. Tromping through cold and snow burns a lot of energy. Most hunters won’t simply forget water in winter, but it can be easy to underestimate how much you need when it’s that cold, so be sure to pack plenty of water and stay hydrated. And speaking of burned energy, load up on high-protein snacks to stay fueled for your excursion.

As well, it’s a good practice to always tell at least one person exactly where you’re going and when to expect you back. Bring a flashlight, a good knife, cell phone, and compass, and remember that the cold can sap battery power quickly.

Staying Warm

It will surprise no one that staying warm is the most important consideration for winter hunting. So follow your mother’s advice and dress in layers. Include coverage for your ears, neck, and face. It’s amazing how much additional warmth one or two additions of even relatively thin cloth can make.

Layering includes hands and feet. Wool socks on feet inside waterproof, thermal boots that are covered by zip-up insulated boot covers should do the trick for your feet. You’ll want medium to thin gloves for shooting, but, weird as it sounds, wearing latex gloves underneath those can provide good additional warmth. You can also keep hand-heating packs in your coat pockets to help keep your mitts warm when they’re not on the trigger. Heat packs can make a huge difference for both feet and hands. Stocking up on them is a terrific idea, particularly if you’re going to be stationary in a blind or tree stand for hours at a time.

It’s also best to be prepared for some worst-case scenarios. Keep a thick sleeping bag and several blankets in your vehicle should you have to spend a night in it due to a dead battery. And just in case, pack a ferrocerium rod and a baggy holding several petroleum jelly-soaked cotton balls. It’s better to have the supplies needed to start a fire and not have to use them than the alternative. Other than that, stay safe, keep warm, and have fun!

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