A natural food broker or fresh food broker can open doors for natural and fresh food brands. And the possibilities waiting behind those doors are greater than ever before.

Eating healthy is an especially big concern for people nowadays. In 2015, Fortune published a feature titled “Special Report: The war on big food.” The piece examines what it calls “Big Food’s multibillion-dollar problem.”

What is this problem? A growing wariness of—and disdain for—processed foods and preservatives. As Fortune contributor Beth Kowitt writes, “The idea of ‘processing’—from ancient techniques of salting and curing to the modern arsenal of artificial preservatives—arose to make sure the food we ate didn’t make us sick. Today, many fear that it’s the processed food itself that’s making us unhealthy.”

This fear has put a serious hurt on the profitability of major brands: The feature cites an analysis by Credit Suisse, which found that the 25 largest food and beverage companies had lost $18 billion in overall market share over six years.

This is bad news for processed food brands but very good news for fresh and natural brands. A fresh food broker can help the latter navigate this shift and earn greater profits.

Proof in the Packaging

The best food brokers and CPG marketing firms can help clients with everything from marketing and retail sales strategies to product packaging. Their expertise with packaging will be particularly helpful for natural food brands.

A June 2017Fortunearticle lists 10 big trends that Whole Foods’ global buyers and experts had noticed over the past year. One of them was an increased consumer demand for transparency on food packaging. This means listing ingredients—and more specifically, natural ingredients—clearly and prominently. It also means stating that products are GMO-free and do not have ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup.

Impact Group can help natural and fresh food vendors deal with issues like this and much more. The company uses proprietary technology and long-standing relationships with leading Natural and Specialty retailers to provide best-in-class retail execution and coverage.

About Impact Group

Impact Group is one of the United States’ leading CPG marketing agencies. The company gives its clients comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective solutions. Impact’spersonalized approach to CPG marketing helps fresh and natural food vendors form mutually beneficial relationships with retailers like Sprouts and Natural Grocers.

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