For almost every American, home security is a serious matter. As the old saying goes, a person’s home is their castle. With technological advancements like the latest wireless home security systems, people have the power to protect their “castles” better than ever before.

When most people think of burglaries, they probably think of thieves slipping in through a window or the back door in the middle of the night. In actuality, more burglaries in the United States occur during the day. In 2016, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that 1,053,559 burglaries occurred at US residences. Out of those, 543,461 took place during the day while 311,536 happened at night (the rest were unknown). In other words, about 57% more home burglaries took place while the sun was shining.

Why do so many more burglaries occur during the day? The answer is simple: Most people are off at school or at work. The biggest window for home burglaries is between 10 AM and 3 PM.

Another sobering fact is that most burglars live close to the homes which they break into. The reasons for this may include the following:

1. Burglars can watch homeowners easier: If a criminal (or a potential criminal) lives near a particular residence, they can watch happens there easier. They can detect when people are away during the day or off on vacation.

2. Many burglaries are crimes of impulse or convenience: According to a 2012 study by UNC Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, only 12% of 422 randomly selected, convicted burglars planned their crime in advance (over 65% percent of those took only 1-3 days to do so). Conversely, 41% seemed to commit burglaries impulsively (i.e. they were “spur of the moment” events).

With facts and figures like these in mind, the need for a reliable wireless security camera system becomes clear. In fact, the same 2012 UNC Charlotte study found that approximately 60% of the selected burglars avoided houses with alarm systems.

Modern wireless home security systems can give people peace of mind without straining their savings. A few motion sensors and cameras placed at key points around a home can allow people to spot problems right away. Wireless systems are much harder to circumvent, since they do not have any cables for intruders to cut.

LiveWatch provides consumers with sophisticated, affordable, wireless home security systems. The company’s alert system, ASAPer, can notify users on their smartphone within seconds of an alarm going off. If an alert does not receive a response, LiveWatch’s monitoring center will contact the police on a client’s behalf.

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