Shooting is not exactly a cheap hobby, stockpiling guns and ammo can cost you a pretty penny. If you have the funds to stock up on bulk 223 ammo, then you should absolutely invest in proper storage conditions to extend the life of your brass.

Proper storage

Storing your ammunition properly is absolutely necessary to preserving it long-term. As the saying goes, “keep your powder dry.” Temperature—especially high heat—can greatly affect a bullet and cause the deterioration of smokeless powder. Ammo must be stored in a cool, dark place with very low humidity, and it is imperative to keep it out of direct sunlight.

10Temperature consistency is also important, as fluctuating temps can lead to humidity damage and any type of moisture has the ability to ruin ammo via corrosion. To combat this, it is recommended that you store ammo in a sealed air-tight container such as a high-quality ammo can. For additional protections, toss in a gel desiccant pack (found in newly purchased purses, shoes, and other items or available for purchase) that will aid in controlling moisture.

Storage tips

To ensure you are always utilizing your older ammo, you should label your containers with the ammo type and date purchased (a range is fine). If you have to combat humidity, you may want to consider investing in a large dehumidifier that will pull moisture out of your storage area.

Signs of damage

You should inspect your ammo a few times a year for signs of damage, these include:

  • Case cracking
  • Corrosion
  • Rust
  • Any warping
  • Visual discrepancies

Damaged ammo including 9mm ammo should be disposed of. Be sure to store your replacement ammo properly, following the above tips.

What to do with bad ammo

There is most likely a source available near you to dispose of bad or damaged ammo. Local law enforcement is usually able to dispose of ammo on your behalf. Indoor shooting ranges are also able to accept small batches of defunct ammo or will be able to direct you to who can.

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