There are few things better than dining under the stars, or your friends and family creating memories together. Encourage that atmosphere year-round with an outdoor kitchen and living area. It’s easy to turn your outdoor space into a second living room with luxury features that you’ll want to use daily.

Comfy Seating

Indulge in ultra-comfy sofas and lounge chairs that offer deep seating and encourage all day lounging. Invest in thick cushions and a sturdy base that will last for years. Just like you would in your living room, create conversation groupings within your outdoor space to encourage the flow of conversation.


Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space with a chic outdoor gas fire pit. Including a fire pit in your outdoor living space will extend the party into the wee hours of the night. It will also add warmth, making your space usable for longer so you can enjoy those crisp fall days. Choose one that reinforces your design aesthetic and is large enough to act as a focal point. To continue the party indoors, consider adding a see through fireplace between your living room and kitchen or dining area.


Ensure that your space can be used rain or shine by investing in quality patio covering. The options when it comes to protecting your outdoor area are quite vast: retractable awnings, pergolas, gazebos, canopies, shade sails, umbrellas—all of which are great options. Just remember: The more your space is covered, the more you can use it during inclement weather.


It really wouldn’t be a complete outdoor living space without including a kitchen. While installing a kitchen in your backyard can be costly, it is certainly worth it. You will be able to cook and eat your food right there without having to run in and out of the house. Not sure what to include? A built-in grill, additional burners, small built-in fridge, and plumbed-in sink are the standard components individuals invest in.


Lighting has the ability to transform a space and give it a magical quality. When creating an outdoor oasis, great lighting is an absolute necessity. There are so many variations of outdoor lighting that you can easily enhance your design style. If you don’t have easy access to outdoor outlets, spring for solar lighting.

About Acucraft Fireplaces

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