Over the course of last few years, the core concept of sharing economy has thrived exponentially. This is a technology-driven economic model that embracing the idea of sharing the assets, products and resources with those who need them in exchange for money. Sharing things is something that we, as a civilization, have been doing for the ages but in different ways. However, with the technology, internet and exceptional idea being around, sharing is not the same anymore. Peer to peer marketplaces are coming into the existence and people use these platforms for selling, buying and exchanging the stuff.

In order to give you a better understanding of how the whole sharing economy thing works, here are some of the real world examples of sharing economy websites who are embracing the idea of sharing economy- eBay, Airbnb, Uber, Etsy, The Grommet, task Rabbit and more. The basic idea behind these marketplaces is really simple, people having resources and assets share them with the people who are in need and to do the trading both the parties need to be on the same marketplace. Above mentioned initiatives are those peer to peer marketplaces.

Working of each and every marketplace differs, for instance, at Airbnb people needing accommodation services can seek help and Uber is about renting a car. There are an endless number of business models that can go along with the core concept of sharing economy and more and more entrepreneurs are coming into the scenes to embrace new ideas and making a change the way we approach the resources.

Opening a peer to peer marketplace isn’t a hard thing these days as there are platforms from where you can get peer to peer marketplace platform and create a site of your own. These kinds of platforms do exist and you just need to find the right one which can help you create a marketplace of your own. Talking about such platforms, the most prominent name to trust here is IdyaFlow. IdyaFlow is a responsive and futuristic platform that provides you templates for creating a perfect digital marketplace. For connecting suppliers and buyers in real time, you need this platform by your side.

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