A sleeping bag and a sleeping pad can be two of the most important items in any camper’s collection of gear. As such, a camper should do some careful research before buying either. Here are a few pointers.

What to Look For in a Sleeping Bag

When looking for a sleeping bag, a camper should consider the following:

The Size of the Sleeping Bag

This might be a bit of a no-brainer, but it is probably still worth mentioning: A sleeping bag should be big enough for its owner to fit inside comfortably. If a bag cannot cover a camper’s shoulders and chest, it can be much harder for them to get any sleep at night.

The Shape of the Sleeping Bag

On a related note, the design of a sleeping bag and camping sleeping pad should allow a camper to move with minimal loss of warmth and comfort. A good sleeping bag might have such features as flexible baffles, which keep the bag’s insulation close to the camper’s body but still lets them turn and move their limbs easily.

The Material that the Sleeping Bag is Made From

For total comfort, a sleeping bag’s material should be more than soft and warm. It should also be breathable and waterproof.

The Temperature Rating of the Sleeping Bag

This is an especially important factor to consider. It is no fun at all spending a cold night in a sleeping bag not designed for that temperature. Find out the coldest temperature in a camping area and look for a bag that can handle 10 degrees lower than that.

Additional Features

In addition to the fundamentals listed above, it is a good idea to go over any extras that a sleeping bag may have. For example, some bags will have features like “mummy hoods” and insulated tubes, which cover a camper’s head and shoulders to help keep them warm through the night. Certain bags could also have pockets on the inside for storing items like a phone or a wallet.

What to Look For in a Sleeping Pad

Here are some things to think about when looking at ultralight sleeping pads:

The Dimensions of the Sleeping Pad

Sleeping pads should be long enough and wide enough to cover campers’ entire bodies.

The Design of the Sleeping Pad

The best sleeping pads will be designed to hold air in place while campers toss and turn. They will also have ergonomic body mapping to ensure comfort.

Time Needed to Inflate and Pack the Sleeping Pad

A high-quality camping sleeping pad can be inflated and deflated quickly. Camper will be able to set it up, get some rest and pack it up as soon as they wake up in the morning.

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