Becoming a mother drastically alters your life. If you’re the first mom in your group of friends, it can be an alienating experience. You need the support of other women experiencing the same parenting ups and downs that you do to maintain your sanity and reaffirm that you are doing just fine at this parenting thing. It takes a village to raise a child, so find your tribe of like-minded moms who won’t judge your parenting style by following these tips:

1. Mingle at the park

No matter your little one’s age, the park is a perfect place to meet other moms. The swing set is especially conducive to conversation as you spend your time pushing your young one and so do other parents, creating a non-awkward environment conducive to conversation. If you’re going with the intent of finding mom friends, pack snacks or a toy that is easy to share as a conversation starter. If your child is under 18 months, pack a receiving blanket in your diaper bag in case they need rest from overstimulation.

2. Get social online

You might be surprised how many towns and cities maintain a community Facebook page in 2018. This is an excellent resource for meeting other parents. While you may not always jive with moms you meet this way, it is a great way to get out of the house for a trial play date to see how things mesh between each other and your kiddos.

3. Go beyond pick-up and drop-off

If you’re a working mother, daycare can be used as a method for meeting other working moms. If you have trouble connecting with other parents during pick-up and drop-off, chat with your child’s teacher and find out who they play with on a regular basis, so you know which parents to target. Your kiddos already get along, which will make a play date much less stressful.

4. Volunteer at an event for children

Find ways to get you and your little one involved in local activities. Volunteering your time at a children’s event will mean lots of interaction with other parents, giving you a chance to shine as potential mom friend material.

5. Go to kid activities

Storytime at the library, an indoor play gym, swim lessons, sports—even the play area at a fast food restaurant should be riddled with other parents. Plus, these are options that should be available no matter the size of your town. While you’re at the activities, make a commitment to engage others in conversation—there may be a mom who needs a friend as much as you do, but is too shy to actively recruit someone. Depending on the activity, the success rate of meeting another mom should increase the longer you engage, so pack with the intent to stay awhile. This could include bringing adequate snacks or prepping for nap time with lightweight baby blankets.

6. Join a support group

The resources available to new moms are plentiful: nursing support groups, mom meetups, parenting support groups—these are community offerings that are frequently used to help new parents grasp parenting and all its enigmas. Everyone at one of these groups will be seeking support for something, opening the door for conversation and friendship.

7. Embrace technology

There are numerous apps available now that make meeting other moms simple. Hello Mamas, for example, matches mamas based on interests, number of kiddos and their ages, your interests and enjoyed activities, etc. to connect you with compatible moms in your area. Utilizing an app that matches based on personality and interests will ensure you click with another mama for lasting friendship.

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