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Belt It Out: Do’s and Don’of This Hot Fashion Accessory

This year in the fashion world, belts are hot. From skinny printed leather to wide fabric statement belts, you cannot go wrong when you add them to your closet.

DO: How to Choose the Best Belt for Any Style

1 – Pick a slim, neutral-colored belt to wear with skirts or trousers at the office. This will give you a polished and professional look.

2 – Grab an animal print, floral, or Aztec-inspired wide belt to wear with flowing tunics or a Boho-chic dress this spring and summer.

3 – Cinch in your waste and create a slimmer silhouette with a belt worn on top of a jacket or coat. Show off your natural waistline with confidence and style.

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4 – Try the latest trends with flashy buckles, rhinestones, or chain style belts that are all the rage on the 2019 runways.

5 – Take a chance with a statement belt. All types of outfits get a big boost from an accessory that can’t be missed. Think wide leather with laces, cloth belts with giant buckles, bright colors, metal accents, and more.

DON’T: Things to Avoid When Wearing a Belt

 Belts are so versatile that you can choose almost any type and end up looking great. You can even grab a favorite scarf and twist it into a belt that works great with pants or a dress. However, there are some things you should avoid when choosing belts that fit your style.

1 – Do not use a fashion belt as shape wear. In other words, do not cinch it so tight in an attempt to make yourself look thinner. Be confident and wear a belt that fits both your body and your personal style.

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2 – Avoid excessively long belts that dangle down your front and bounce around with every step you take. While these were trending last year, most fashion experts consider them way out for 2019.

3 – Basic is not always better when it comes to accessorizing with a belt. Do not be afraid to go a bit wild with what you buckle around your waist or let swing from your hips. While a simple black or brown leather option makes sense for corporate outfits, you will miss out on the opportunity to use the latest styles to truly express your personality.

Leather, fabric, rhinestones, or boho-style chain belts grace the runways and the racks in your favorite clothing store this year. Instead of replacing your whole wardrobe, consider updating it with your favorite style of belt.

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Author: Thomson Jack

Thomson Jack