When planning your bridal look your wedding, there are dozens of different factors that go into your final ensemble. Dress, shoes, garter, hairstyle, veil, makeup, jewelry, and more. If you’re headed towards a more glamorous look, your makeup is a significant factor, especially if you’re hiring a makeup artist or friend to upgrade your everyday beauty routine. False eyelashes are great for delivering doe-eyed drama without layering on the mascara.

Faux lashes deliver the volume you want without the hassle of lash extensions, look fantastic in photos when done correctly, and can last from the first look to the final farewell. Keep these things in mind when choosing to wear fake eyelashes on your wedding day.


Talk to Your Makeup Artist Beforehand

Have a discussion with your makeup artist before deciding on your final look. Bring up your concerns or creative ideas with faux lashes. They should be able to relieve your worries and help your wedding day vision become a reality.

Ask if you can bring your own fake eyelashes instead of using theirs, that way you can try them out before the big day and see how they feel or if you even like how they look. Make sure to ask them what they need you to do to thoroughly prep your face, especially your eyelids, before they arrive the morning of. Oily eyelids are a big culprit of falsies falling off. Cleanse with a toner and use a primer before applying your makeup and faux lashes.

Choose a Reusable Set

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a set of fake lashes and then having to rebuy them over and over again. Especially if you do a trial run with your makeup artist or friend who is helping you complete your look. These vegan false eyelashes by Thrive Causemetics are made to last up to thirty wears and include a latex-free, waterproof glue.

This way, you also get to keep them past your wedding day and use them for events or date nights with your newly wedded partner! You don’t have to be a makeup artist to rock faux lashes outside of your wedding day.

Check Out the Lash Glue Ahead of Time

The best eyelash glue will be waterproof and thick in consistency. A little bit usually goes a long way with the application. Make sure that you apply it along the band and wait 30 seconds until the glue is tacky. Then place along the base of your lash line, pressing in the inner corner first and going outwards. Wait for another 30 seconds for your glorious lashes to set.

A few tips and tricks:

  • Trim the faux lashes to match the length of your real lash line for consistency.
  • Apply and remove the falsies with tweezers for ultimate precision.
  • Curl your real lashes beforehand to blend into the false lashes once you apply them.

For a glamorous look on your wedding day, faux lashes give you volume and doe-eyed drama without the hassle. Make sure to try them out ahead of time to make getting ready on your wedding day less stressful and streamlined. If you love how they look, try wearing them out after your special day!

About Thrive Causemetics

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