Vitamin C has a superstar status amongst skincare experts. It is a powerhouse antioxidant, a key element of any skincare regimen addressing skin damage or signs of aging. If you struggle with hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone, or fine lines, incorporating Vitamin C into your daily skincare lineup can help with these issues and more. But first, why should you consider introducing a highly concentrated form of Vitamin C into your routine?

Vit_C_in_hand_FB_previewWhat is Vitamin C?

This ascorbic acid is an antioxidant and immune booster, abundant in botanical extracts, fruits, and vegetables. Fresh Vitamin C is the most potent and retains the most benefits, from your diet to your daily skincare ritual.

Which Issues Does It Address?

Vitamin C includes a range of skin benefits, from skin brightening to improving hydration and moisture retention. It also shields your skin from the impact of pollution. Vitamin C evens out skin tone, addressing hyper pigmentation and firmness by stimulating collagen production.

This is especially helpful when pairing with an acne serum, as blemishes and cystic acne can leave behind discoloration or scarring. Vitamin C encourages the healing process for quicker repair and faster fading.

How Should I Use It?

Because Vitamin C is highly susceptible to oxidation when exposed to light or heat, liquid Vitamin C products tend to expire faster. Choosing a Vitamin C booster in powder form ensures that it retains its potency and is ready to supercharge your favorite face serum.

Simply add a few shakes of your Vitamin C booster to a face serum and mix. These forms work well together to restore skin firmness and smooth the surface without exfoliation. Apply to your face, neck, and back at night.

Note: When a Vitamin C is mixed with ferulic acid in powder form, the combination doubles photoprotection. This is measured by skin redness and sunburn cell formation. Protect your skin from damage and signs of aging by choosing a more potent form of Vitamin C.

Don’t over-apply Vitamin C in your skincare routine, because high quantities can be irritating for sensitive types. Make sure that you avoid adding it to glycol or salicylic acids.

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