If you struggle with finding the right products for your unique skin type, it’s not uncommon to experience a combination complexion. If you deal with dry skin and an oily T-zone or an oily forehead and dry cheeks, it can be difficult to find a skincare product that hydrates and cleanses your skin simultaneously.


Face oils are great for combination skin types because they deliver lightweight hydration while balancing sebum and oil production. Nervous about introducing a new product into your acne skin care routine? Here are some benefits of face oils when targeting combination skin types.

Clearing + Hydrating

After using an acne face wash, follow with an antibacterial toner and face oil for oily skin. Even if you deal with dry skin patches or areas, a face oil for oily skin types will still hydrate those areas while clearing acne in others. This multipurpose product helps balance oil production by delivering hydration where it’s needed.

Oily areas need moisture too, contrary to popular skin care myths that drying out your skin prevents acne. Pumpkin seed oil helps balance sebum protection by healing skin and fighting acne. Dry skin is more susceptible to bacteria growth and infection, which is why antibacterial agents and hydrating ingredients are super important for combination types.

Antibacterial + Anti-Inflammatory

Antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients, like oils and botanical extracts, fight bacteria growth while hydrating simultaneously. Helichrysum flower oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that battle bad bacteria, with anti-inflammatory effects that heal wounds and minimize scarring.

Grape seed oil is filled with antioxidant polyphenol, aka essential fatty acids, and vitamins D, C, and E. Hemp seed oil is also full of fatty acids and has antibacterial properties to boot. This makes skin less susceptible to infection and fights the bacteria from the source.

Botanical Oils

Choosing a face oil for a more natural acne treatment routine only works with proven ingredients. Look for brands that use organic and wild-harvested ingredients whenever possible. If you’ve been struggling to find a streamlined method that works for your skin type, try introducing a face oil to hydrate and fight acne-inducing bacteria.

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