Over the last decade, beauty brands have started to be more transparent and straightforward about the ingredients in their products and how they make them. Organic and natural ingredients are better in our diets and our cosmetics, from makeup to skincare. But natural doesn’t always mean safe. And most certifications for product safety rely on self-reporting. How is MADE SAFE™ different?


MADE SAFE™ is a nonprofit organization that provides a comprehensive, human health-focused certification for nontoxic products. From acne cleanser to household products, they aim to change the way the products we use every day are made and used. Unlike other certifications, MADE SAFE™ screens product ingredients against their database of known harmful chemicals.

MADE SAFE™ examines ingredients that are known:

  • Behavioral toxins
  • Carcinogens
  • Developmental toxins
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • High-risk pesticides

They focus on ensuring that the beauty products you use are made entirely of safe ingredients. From the formula to the product casing, MADE SAFE™ is the most comprehensive product safety evaluation available. Having higher standards for skincare products, from your antioxidant serum or booster to face oil, can make you confident in knowing that you know your ingredients list is thoroughly safe.

While other brands may tout using only natural and organic ingredients, MADE SAFE™ acknowledges that there are safe synthetic ingredients and safe preservatives to use that enhance natural formulas. Pure plant extracts require preservatives to retain their potency and power. But don’t settle for hidden or harmful chemicals. MADE SAFE™ has a list of safe preservatives and synthetic ingredients for skincare and beauty products.

MADE SAFE™ is one of the only independent certifications to scrutinize the molecular makeup of each and every product to determine whether it is safe for the intended use of the product.

The only skincare brand to have its entire line of products certified MADE SAFE™ is True Botanicals. The majority of their ingredients are wild-harvested and organic. Every product is handcrafted in California and is free of synthetic fragrance, animal cruelty, GMOs, gluten, parabens, carcinogens, and more. Whether you’re using their hydrating cleanser or Vitamin C Booster, every ingredient has a purpose.

By submitting their products to a third-party for certification, they don’t rely on internal information or self-reporting to get approval. Experience nontoxic and certified MADE SAFE™ skincare with True Botanicals.

About True Botanicals

True Botanicals creates high-performance skincare formulas by combining nontoxic and natural ingredients to target specific skin issues. Their collections include Aging, Acne, Pregnancy, and Rosacea products that deliver uncompromising nourishment and radiant skin.

To browse nontoxic skincare, go to Truebotanicals.com