Taking care of your skin can sometimes feel like you’re tending to a very temperamental pet. Keeping it hydrated, treating blemishes, maintaining a cleansing routine, and figuring out the source of whatever new issue you’re dealing with can be stressful and a hassle. As your skin transitions out of adolescence and into adulthood, practicing good habits is essential to happy and healthy skin (and self).

While there are countless products and routines that work differently for everyone, there are a few basic habits that you to establish in your twenties to nourish your skin and prevent signs of aging.

Hydrate from Head to Toe

Moisturizing your face is important, but hydrating your skin from head to toe is imperative to long-term skin health. Use a body cream with a non-greasy formula to relieve dryness, prevent signs of aging, and nourish skin at a deeper level. Apply lotion to extra dry areas like hands, knees, and elbows daily.

For extra hydration, immediately lather a creamy lotion post-shower or bath when your skin is still damp. Glycerin formulas prevent moisture loss by forming a protective layer on the surface.

Self-Care Tip: Use a glycerin foot cream to revive dry and cracked feet as needed. If your feet and toe cuticles struggle with dryness, apply after every shower or bath.

Routine Bath Detox

Showers are helpful for daily cleansing, but baths are a long-established practice for rejuvenating the skin, body, and mind. Bath soaks with epsom salt, natural oils, and essential oils invigorate and soothe the skin while releasing toxins. Soften skin and relax your mind with a weekly bath soak. If you’re experiencing muscle aches or pains, these are especially helpful for encouraging healing and providing necessary nutrients from potent nontoxic ingredients.

If you’re struggling with dry skin during hot summer or cold winter months, bath oil beads slowly moisturize skin with skin-loving properties. Remember to apply lotion afterward to retain the rich hydration your skin received from the natural oils.

Layer Products Accordingly

One of the best ways to ensure your skin receives all of the nourishment it needs from the products you use is to layer them from lightest to heaviest. Start by cleansing your face and body, following with toner, serum, and creamy moisturizer.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our face skin isn’t the only dermis that needs our attention. Use cleansers that gently clean without stripping and include moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and Vitamin E. Follow with a lotion that nourishes your unique skin composition.

Don’t forget: SPF protection is the best way to prevent signs of aging from occurring in the first place. SPF should be the last product you apply in your skincare routine to act as a protective barrier between your skin and harmful UVA/UVB rays.

Nourish and protect your skin with a consistent skincare routine from head to toe. Tailor it depending on your individual needs and focus on skin health from the inside out.

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