Halloween is not a time to skimp on details or settle for subtle. It’s the one time of year where bolder is better and extra is the expectation. Whether you’re planning to go with a classic witch or cat costume, a look that puts your creative style on full display, or you’re the last-minute type and you’ll let it all come together at the end, there are a few Halloween essentials that will all but guarantee that first place finish in the annual costume contest.

Pair up these must-have cosmetics to make this year’s Halloween costume one for the books. Or, if you’re running out of time, get a head start on next year’s costume to ensure an award-winning look.

Base Cream

Whether you’re going for all-out glam or a softer, more subdued look, always start off with a quality base cream. In addition to adding hydration and moisture, a base cream will also protect your skin from pore-clogging oils that might be in your stage makeup and face paint.

Lip Color

Lip color is an essential part of any Halloween costume. For the vampire, witch, werewolf, and zombie crowd, apply a matte black lipstick to capture a wickedly divine look. If you’re going for a lighter princess or Disney character look, a pop of pink will add a shimmery storybook finish. Finally, if you’re going bold—think Beyoncébold—you need a power-pose red worthy of the queen herself.

When applying your lip color, start with a thin layer of lip balm. This will keep your lips hydrated and make sure the matte color doesn’t stain your lips. Second, apply a thick layer of lipstick, paying particular attention to the thickest part of your lips. Third, follow up with a glossy hydrating serum to extend the life of your lip color. For even fuller lips, use a lip contouring pencil to outline your lips before applying your matte lipstick and gloss.

Fake Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes bring the drama. Create a glamorous costume that adds that perfect pop of detail and select from a natural shape, winged, or ultra-long style to match your costume. Find the right fake eyelashes that perfectly capture and accentuate your inner diva. They will make your eyes pop long after Halloween night.

Mascara and Eyeliner

For a costume with amore refined look such as a classic pumpkin or a cute little flower, mascara and eyeliner will do the trick. A quick flick around the eyes and lashes will help polish off your look.

If you have sensitive skin, look for eyeliner for sensitive eyes that’s formulated with vegan ingredients and free of parabens and sulfates. Other ingredients like lichen, plant extract, and vitamin B5 will have rejuvenating effects while the product adds a dramatic pop of color. The same benefits can be found in mascara for sensitive eyes, including vitamin B5 and sodium hyaluronateto moisturize and strengthen lashes.

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