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Why Working with a Clothing Manufacturer Should Be About the Relationship

When searching for clothing manufacturers in the USA, some may assume that they are all the same and the process is as simple as placing an order and paying the bill. While you can go about it this way, it rarely works out well in the long
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Important Questions to Ask Potential Clothing Manufacturers

Working with clothing manufacturers either overseas or in the US presents its challenges. And, just like how you carefully try on clothes before you make your final purchasing decision, you need to select which manufacturer will produce your clothing line carefully and deliver the quality you’re looking

Budgeting 101: Options for Financing a Clothing Line

A lot goes into a clothing line: creative development, production, and digital design—and each step requires money. Simply put, without adequate finances, new clothing lines tend to crumble. Before you start working with clothing manufacturers, it’s crucial to establish an accurate budget not only for your first

Tips for Producing a Sustainable Fashion Line

The fashion industry generates immeasurable benefits for the economy and society at large. From job creation to economic productivity to artistic empowerment, fashion has long been valued as a mainstay of any society. In this day and age, however, consumers and businesses alike are interested in the
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