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Why (And How) You Should Incorporate Ungurahua Oil into Your Daily Self-Care Routine

Hair care and skin care are important parts of any self-care routine, and people are willing to spend some serious money on quality products. According to a recent market research report, the hair care industry in the United States is projected to grow by more than $13

Ingredient Spotlight: Why You Should Choose Rose-Infused Products

Rose, in all its forms—from rose essential oil to rose petals, and from dried rose buds to rose hips—is a powerful ingredient in natural products that offers benefits from head to toe. Beyond having a delightful, luxurious scent, rose-infused products can provide immune support, hydrate your skin,

Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

Adaptogens are becoming a popular buzzword in the wellness industry, particularly amongst those seeking more natural beauty products with cleaner ingredients. Whether you’re trying to introduce them into your daily diet, beauty routine, or wellness ritual, adaptogenic herbs have been used for centuries for a variety of

Nourish Your Post-Summer Hair with Plant-Based Products

The end of summer is in sight, and your hair might be dealing with some grim side effects of hot weather and outdoor activities. Pool chlorine, humidity, air conditioning, dryness, and a variety of other negative factors can leave your hair dry, frizzy, or damaged. Turning to
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