The beauty of a building is defined by its exterior and interior finish. Stone paint is used to give a fine finish to buildings. Many products are used to give a lavish finish to the exteriors and interiors of a building. Stone paint not only gives a good exterior and interior finish to the building but also helps in protecting the walls from the adverse weather condition and pollution effects. Using stone paints is cheaper than going for expensive products which do not last for long period and are also a durable option for the long term. Stone paint also known as masonry paint is developed in a way that it adheres to the walls for a long period.

Stone Paint could be used to give stone like texture and feel in various colors. Water resistant paints are more sustainable and offer resistance to discoloration and other effects. Stone paint could be used like a normal paint on the exteriors and interiors as well. Stone paint is thicker than the normal wall paints and coats the exterior finely and evenly covering all the pores of the wall. It is easy to use stone paints on any exterior surface be it bricks or concrete. It works on clean surfaces better than on the previously painted surfaces. Primer is used to coat the surfaces first and then the stone paint is applied.

Adding ceramic and latex makes it water-resistant and even mildew-resistant. The paints are easily removable and needs only mild soap and water. Oil based masonry paints are used for commercial purpose and latex based paint should be used for homes. Masonry paints are used extensively for commercial purposes now as they are durable and easily applicable. The availability stone paint in many colors also makes it a preferable option equally for commercial and do-it-yourself purposes.

Stone paint could be applied using brushes and rollers easily. It can be sprayed also on the exteriors. It is also applied in the buildings, on ceilings, staircases, elevator halls, etc. The method of applying stone paint is easy and could be applied without any prior knowledge of painting basics. The surface needs to be cleaned and then primer is applied. When the primer dries up stone paint is applied. Due to thick texture of the paint only one or two coats of the paint is enough to give the desired texture to the walls. It would be durable and enhance the aesthetics of the building equally.

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