Because Americans live increasingly chaotic and stressful lives, many look forward to every opportunity escape the daily hustle-and-bustle. For millions, nothing compares to leaving cell phones, laptops and TVs behind and being surrounded by clean air, chirping birds, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, starry skies and the unique smells of nature. This truly represents the ultimate in rest and relaxation with a minimal environmental footprint.


Though camping may seem an easy task—simply get inside a vehicle and drive until a good stopping-point is found—it requires significant planning and preparation. Aside from selecting a beautiful location, campers must take into account weather conditions, accessibility challenges, availability of required services and, depending on these considerations, pack accordingly. Most packing lists include a backpack, tent, hammock, sleeping mat and bag and other items that ensure a safe and comfortable outing.

Here are tips for making your next outdoor excursion perfect:

  • Pack camping essentials – Do not forget a first-aid kit, insect- and pest-repellent, compass, maps and all necessary emergency equipment. You may not use these items on every—or any—trip, but in the unlikely event they are needed, you will be glad you packed them!
  • Remember fire safety protocol – Forest fires can be disastrous, even deadly for wildlife and humans. To keep yourself and others safe, do everything within your power to maintain every fire that is started. Build only fires which are big enough for your personal use. Large fires can instantly get out of control and spread, particularly in dry or windy conditions. Last, never retire without ensuring fires are completely extinguished.
  • Do not leave food unattended – To avoid potentially scary and dangerous encounters with animals, do not leave food unattended and accessible. When leaving a campsite, also remember to remove all food so the next visitors are not exposed to any threat.
  • Carry lightweight sleeping bags and pads – In addition to a tent and sleeping bag, a high-quality sleeping pad is essential. Fresh air and the uniquely beautiful sounds of nature are tremendous aids but you must first be comfortable, well supported and maintain an optimal body temperature, depending on the season. The ideal sleeping bag and pad will differ based on an individual’s sleeping position and other preferences—firmness, weight, temperature rating, bulk, material and more.

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