Manufacturing of a product is a challenging task as it involves planning, requirement analysis, testing and finally launching. If any of the phases fail, it will eventually cause a negative impact on the product and company. A product can only be successful, if it can maximize the profit for their respective organization. If you are an entrepreneur or a business-oriented person who has started a small firm in the manufacturing field, then you should make use of a production and inventory management software that can provide you valuable guidelines to deliver your product effectively. One of the key roles for the manufacturing of a product is an MRP system which is used to manage and control the manufacturing process and strategize the requirement of material for production. These MRP (Material Requirement Planning) systems help you get an overview of the availability of raw material to make end products for the customers. Through MRP, you can also control the activity of delivery scheduling.

Another important aspect of product manufacturing is inventory management. Through inventory management software, ordering, storing and having an overview of your raw materials becomes easy. With the help of this software, a company can increase their efficiency and ship out products in a timely manner. The MRP software companies offer various features which help to enhance the quality of the product which include:

  • Sales order fulfillment
  • Real time inventory control
  • Portfolio management
  • Integrations with ecommerce platforms
  • Production management

If you are searching for the best manufacturing software that can provide effective and optimal solutions for the development of a product, then look no further than Katana MRP. It is the most prominent and well-designed SaaS platform for medium-sized and small-scale businesses. It helps you to provide quality services making your business more profitable. The Katana MRP is integrated with eminent e-commerce platforms to handle inventory and workshop operations. The team of Katana MRP is skilled and aim to deliver the best MRP software to keep your business growing.

About Katana MRP:

Katana MRP is the cloud manufacturing software that ensures that you don’t encounter stock-outs, are able to do on-time purchasing of materials and gives you the flexibility in the manufacturing process.

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