When you are searching for the best encrypted phone what are the important factors you look for? Do you have experience selecting the right smartphone security system? If this is your first time searching for your smartphone security solution you may want to pay attention to the following factors so that you can confidently select the right applications to protect your smartphone communications.

One of the key factors that most phone encryption applications promise but fail to provide is 100% email protection. What you get is only partial protection because the email header is left intact ant it is sent as plain text. Often from the headers it is possible to guess the nature of the emails and the seriousness of the mails. The hackers or the one who is intercepting the communication will be able to easily find out the sender’s email address, the recipient’s email address and the subject line. This will make it easy for the hacker to send malicious mails matching the subject line and trap the innocent users. So never think that header information is not all that important. When you are selecting your email protection application such as Encromail you will need to check whether the email headers are also encrypted. If the headers are not encrypted, you might want to go for better security solutions such as SkyECC which offers complete email protection.

Email is not the only functionality the smartphone users enjoy. There are other features and communication tools that they use. One of the most common communication tools that they use is instant messaging. Even though the messages are sent and received instantly, the data needs to go through the servers before it reaches the recipient. This data lingers in the servers and it could be captured by anyone who is after your data. This makes you vulnerable to security risks. Sometimes, confidential business conversations take place through instant messaging and you would not want such information to be exposed to the hackers. In order to protect your instant messaging conversations, you should send out these messages as self-destructive messages so that the messages are destroyed after the stipulated time. You will need to be clear with the nature of the security tool that you select for your smartphone. You should not forget to select a tool that gives you end to end protection. Do not rush to pick your solutions here because these tools will leave you with false sense of hope and you will not be able to protect your data against the hackers.

Take time to review as many security applications as you need to and compare the features. However, in order to select the right security applications, you should first be a well-informed customer. You should know what you are supposed to be looking for and what are the crucial questions that you need to ask when selecting your security software. If you do not want to put yourself through such an elaborate screening process, go ahead and select Sky ECC and you will get the best smartphone protection available in the industry.