Research has shown that underwater diving was used by coastal cultures in China, Greece, Mesopotamia and other regions as early as 4500 BC. Though the purposes of this diving were initially limited to commerce and the gathering of food, it wasn’t long before militaries were utilizing divers to carry out specialized underwater missions including port protection and sabotaging enemy ships.


For the most part, underwater life remained a complete mystery for centuries.With the onslaught of scientific and technological advancements over the past several decades, however, we are beginning to get a glimpse into this fascinating world. Scientists, researchers, farmers, fishers and else anyone with a deep interest now have a clear understanding of what happens underwater.

One exciting development for millions of fishers across the country has been the underwater fishing camera. As its name implies, an underwater fishing camera is a camera attached to a screen which allows viewers to watch live footage of what is happening underwater. Today’s cameras come in different sizes and are equipped with diverse technologies and features—including night vision, the ability to record videos and store footage, long-life batteries and more.

Anglers spend hours—days, even—waiting for “The Big One” to bite their hook. An underwater fishing camera makes it possible to see how many fish (if any) are actually in the area. With this information, a decision can be made to remain in that spot longer or move to more fruitful waters. The guessing game that has been a cornerstone of fishing for centuries is essentially removed from the equation.

Aside from gathering this information, many find it thrilling to watch a fish approach a lure and attempt to figure out what makes it bite or ignore the line. Fishers around the world recognize how underwater fishing camera scan make the sport more fun, interesting and successful.

Though there are several sources of underwater fishing cameras, none has developed a product as advanced or with the features of GoFish Cam. Founded by brothers, Ryan and Brandon Austin, GoFish Cam is the result of several years of intense research and testing. GoFish Cam’s mission is simple: to be the finest camera on the market.

As part of its commitment to excellence, each GoFish Cam is equipped with these exclusive features:

  • 1080p HD
  • Night vision
  • Tough armor casing
  • Stabilized fin
  • Waterproof design
  • Long-lasting Li-ion battery
  • Mobile integration and hotspot
  • Micro SD storage
  • Designed for depths to 150m (nearly 500 ft.)

About GoFish Cam:

GoFish Cam is a mobile technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas.It has created one of the most advanced underwater fishing cameras available anywhere in the world.

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