The right pair of sunglasses can make anyone look and feel great. Sunglasses are a must-have fashion accessory and, when properly selected, make a strong statement about personal style. Everyone—from a famous A-list celebrity to a stylish hipster or teenager—loves to wear stylish sunglasses as part of their fashion game. From aluminum to wooden sunglasses, ongoing market development and online purchasing bring fresh and exciting options to everyone, regardless of location.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, here are four reasons to wear sunglasses:

  • UV Protection

People should do everything possible to prevent the sun’s potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from reaching the eyes, eyelids and surrounding skin. UV radiation can cause temporary and painful sunburn on the eye’s surface, benign growths, photokeratitis cataracts and even partial blindness. Because UV radiation can damage the lens, cornea and other delicate parts of the eye, it is essential to wear protective sunglasses every time eyes are exposed to sunlight—even on cloudy days. Children should wear sunglasses starting at a very young age as they, in particular, typically spend the most time outdoors and in the sun.

  • Blue Light Protection

Although the primary source of blue light is the sun, other minor sources include fluorescent and CFL bulbs, LED televisions, computer monitors/tablet screens and smartphones. Research has shown that prolonged exposure to blue light can cause digital eyestrain, retina damage and age-related macular degeneration. Aside from moderation, sunglasses provide the best available protection against blue light rays.

  • Adaptability

After spending a few hours in bright sunlight, our eyes’ natural ability to quickly adapt to indoor and/or nighttime light-levels is often diminished. This can have a major impact on night-driving but wearing sunglasses when outdoors can negate these effects.

  • Skin Cancer

Climate change and ozone depletion are widely blamed for the dramatic increase in skin cancer around the world. Most people do not realize that cancer can develop around the eyelid region but it is one of today’s most common areas for non-melanoma skin cancers. To help protect against basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas—which account for up to 10% of all skin cancers—sunglasses must always be worn while outdoors, whether walking, driving, working, biking, golfing, playing tennis, boating or performing any other activity.

Just as important as wearing sunglasses is purchasing the right sunglasses from a trusted and experienced source. Sunglasses are sold everywhere—in grocery stores, mall kiosks, street corners, even dollar stores—but eye health is too crucial to buy the cheapest pair available and hope it offers enough protection.

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