Anyone who has been forced to squint against the glaring sun without sunglasses understands how frustrating and potentially dangerous the situation can be. Eyes are sensitive and sunglasses are great ways to comfortably shield them from the sun’s harsh rays. They are also one of fashion’s most enduring accessories. Sunglasses have become an extension of their owner’s personality and passersby can—and do—form instant opinions and judgments of someone based on the type, size and brand she or he is wearing. Today’s sunglasses come in unique designs, styles and even colors including wooden sunglasses, hipster sunglasses, aviators and many more.


Millions of Americans refuse to go into the sun without first applying sunblock and wearing protective sunglasses is just as important. The air around us contains an abundance of harmful pollutants, dust, gases and smoke, among others which can quickly irritate even the least sensitive eyes. Similarly, continued exposure to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays has been linked to serious eye ailments—photokeratitis (sunburn of the eye), macular degeneration, pterygium (“Surfer’s Eye”), cataracts and others. The dangers of UV radiation and worsening air quality necessitate the wearing of high-quality sunglasses as a primary line of defense.

Sunglasses are frequently used:

On the Beach

In addition to reducing the glare and rays that are reflected off the water, sunglasses also protect eyes from airborne sand. Sand can be extremely painful and damaging to eyes. Sand’s tiny sands can scratch and potentially cause permanent damage, but sunglasses are an effective way to keep sand out.

In the City

The Environmental Protection Agency and National Weather Service calculate a UV Index for cities across the country. This index expresses the expected amount of harmful radiation that will reach the Earth’s surface at the sun’s highest point. Because of the expanding hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, consistently higher UV Indices and the presence of higher levels of dust and pollutants in city air, sunglasses offer absolutely vital protection. Of course, properly selected sunglasses also complete every skillfully curated outfit!

In the Country

Farmers and ranchers work almost exclusively outdoors, meaning they are constantly exposed to the potentially damaging UV rays. Apart from general protection they provide against these rays, sunglasses also effectively prevent glare while driving farm equipment and machinery.

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About Proof Eyewear:

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