Successful restaurants understand that surviving food trends and establishing an experienced chef are imperative to stay competitive. But when it comes to fine dining Boise restaurants, the atmosphere is equally as relevant as the menu. Being able to incorporate the menu with the decor, service, and entertainment is the sign of a restaurant that wants patrons to have an experience rather than simply a meal. Here are a few ways to tell if a local restaurant has true fine-dining experience apart from their menu.



Attention to the details factors into the quality of a dining experience. Use of space, comfort, and lighting are all features that can change a restaurant from a local restaurant to a world-class service fine dining establishment. Making sure that the dishes on the menu match the ambiance, such as jazz music to match a steakhouse and seafood restaurant, truly transforms the dining experience from excellent to second-to-none. Whether looking for a high energy and lively restaurant that focuses on drinks and burgers or a calm and sophisticated fine dining steakhouse that serves the best steaks and wines, the ambiance can provide the basis for the mood surrounding the experience.


Restaurants that capitalize on transitioning throughout the day bring in a variety of customers looking for different experiences. Having entertainment after the traditional dinner hours can extend business, and customers looking for a comfortable and fun environment with quality service often go to restaurants that transition to bar scenes after hours. Sophistication is key when maintaining a richly cultivated ambiance throughout the day. Live music Boise restaurants are hard to find, but locals and visitors alike can find jazz music on a nightly basis at Chandlers. While most bars and restaurants focus on the bar scene, restaurants like Chandlers understand the importance of quality entertainment and customer service that matches it after the dinner hours.


Hospitality and tailored service are difficult to master at any establishment, but fine dining restaurants take customer service seriously. From the host who greets diners at the door to the sommelier that gives suggestions for pairing wines, attention and problem solving is the biggest indicator of great service. Customer service that makes customers feel taken care of can completely alter a dining experience from good to fantastic. Customer service is one of the biggest reasons that people become regulars at fine dining restaurants. Being remembered by staff is stellar service at its best, and restaurants that deal with a high volume of customers often struggle to maintain quality service.

About Chandlers

Chandlers is a steakhouse Boise restaurant. It offers guests world-class service, the most delicious steaks and seafood in Idaho, and ambience second-to-none. The extensive menu at Chandlers features seafood flown fresh to Boise on a daily basis and handpicked locally sourced ingredients.