Loved by seafood connoisseurs around the world, fresh halibut is one of the best seafood options available when in season. A member of the flatfish family, the average halibut weighs anywhere from 30-50 pounds each, full of sweeter flavors and firm texture.


In landlocked states like Idaho, it can be difficult to find seafood Boise restaurants that have halibut on the menu. Never tried halibut before? Here are a few characteristics of this delicious seafood dish, best eaten when excellently prepared by experienced chefs.


Halibut can be found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans but is most commonly caught along the Pacific Coast. Compared to other seafood like salmon and cod, it has the longest season, making it a desirable species to target. As early as April, the Pacific Halibut is in season in areas like Hawaii and California. By May, fishing for halibut in Alaska is in full swing, considered one of the most unspoiled ecosystems Alaska has to offer fisherman. The halibut season lasts until September and trails off in October.


Known for its mild flavor and flaky texture, halibut is one of the most popular seafood dish during the summertime. The flavor of halibut is sweet, making it well-suited for many cooking methods including roasting, grilling, and baking. Not to be overpowered by sauces or marinades, this seafood dish is best prepared simply to enhance the natural flavors it already possesses. It is easy to overcook, so avoid dryness by carefully monitoring the texture and white color when preparing halibut.

Health Benefits

A half fillet (or 160 grams) of halibut contains a multitude of health benefits. The average halibut serving has over 30% daily values for Vitamin B12 and B6 as well as almost half of the recommended daily serving of Magnesium. Halibut is low in calories and fat but high in protein. It also carries important omega-3 fatty acids, which is one of the biggest benefits of consuming halibut and other seafood.

As one of the healthiest and most delicious seafood dishes, halibut is best prepared fresh by experienced seafood chefs. Chandlers has some of the finest halibut available in downtown Boise restaurants; it is flown in fresh from Hawaii during peak season and prepared by executive chef Chef Luis Flores. To try the best of seafood dishes available in Idaho, check out the fresh halibut at Chandlers in the heart of Boise.

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