No matter where you are in the world, lobster is fine dining seafood that is simultaneously a specialty and a delicacy. Maine lobsters are famous for their taste and their unique appearance. With sweet and succulent meat that stands above cold-water lobsters around the world, Maine lobster is the world’s most prized seafood.

Lobsters were harvested commercially starting in the nineteenth century. Northern New England was a hot spot for fishing and catching lobster. New York and Boston put Maine lobster on the seafood industry map because of their relenting demand for this sweet, firm seafood delicacy. Now you can find fresh seafood in Boise restaurants and other landlocked areas around the United States because of air transportation. But at the time, lobster was a regional delicacy that could only be served within a few hundred miles of the coasts of Maine.


There are two types of lobster – cold water and warm water. The latter are caught off the coast of Asia, the Caribbean, California, the Mediterranean, and other tropical coastal areas. Unlike Maine lobster, warm water types have a fishier taste and a softer texture, making them difficult to handle. Cold water lobsters are firmer, sweeter, and have a more succulent texture. These are caught off the coast of Maine, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

It can take about five to seven years for a lobster to grow to about a single pound. Lobsters grow by molting and shedding their shells. Immediately after they molt, their soft and fragile exterior stays that way until their shell hardens and the process starts all over again. Softshell lobsters are cheaper because the hard-shell lobster has firmer meat inside. They are also easier to transport.

In comparing Maine lobsters to Canadian lobsters, most would assume that because of their geographic closeness that they would be the same. However, Maine lobsters are sweeter and more tender. Many believe that this is because the waters of Maine are slightly warmer than those of Canada.

Contrary to popular belief, live Maine lobsters don’t have a red shell exterior. Their exterior is actually a dark greenish brown with mottled black. But when they are cooked, all of the pigments except for the red disappear. This classic shade of red is forever attached to lobsters all over the world, even warm water lobster.

The next time you’re in one of the best downtown Boise restaurants for seafood, try the live Maine lobster. It not only tastes great, but when cooked correctly, healthy for you, too. Maine lobster has less cholesterol, calories, and saturated fat than lean beef, chicken, and pork. It’s a good source of protein, too. Enhance your fine dining experience with a classic Maine lobster dish that’s sure to satisfy.

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