It’s that magical time of year, when road tripping out to the middle of nowhere and listening to world-famous artists is a normal weekend for music lovers. Music festivals are fun for so many reasons, which you probably already knew, but bringing along the essentials makes sure that everyone stays happy and healthy all weekend long. Here’s a packing list of must-have essentials for your next summer music festival extravaganza.

Beach Blanket

Once you find that perfect spot, it’s time to pop a squat and claim your territory. Get a large beach blanket designed to withstand the elements – dust, rain, and anything else you can think of – to reserve that valuable space before watching the headliner you came to see. Roll it up and keep it in your tote bag or backpack to bring with you wherever you go.


Backpack Cooler

Staying hydrated is crucial to having a good time during long days outside in the summer heat. Get an insulated backpack cooler to hold your water bottles, beer, chilled snacks, and whatever else you need to stay happy and healthy all day long. These are better than traditional box coolers since they go with you wherever you need and stay cold for over 24 hours. Now that’s chill you can count on.

Camping Chair

Who said you have to stay on your feet for the whole festival? Whether you’re camping, glamping, or just there for the day, a camping chair is a comfy must-have for any summer music festival. Make sure to choose one with cupholders and is made to transport easily.

Battery Powered Fan

It’s going to be hot. And we’re not just talking about the music. Toss a battery powered fan into your bag to cool off in-between sets or while you’re waiting in line for the bathroom. You won’t regret that extra cool-down.

Refillable Water Bottle

Not to sound like a broken record, but hydration is key! Make sure you and everyone in your group have refillable water bottles and toss them in your cooler bag to keep them cold all day. Most festivals have a water hole spot where you can fill up your drinks for free, making this music festival item a hassle-free essential.

Dry Shampoo

Ladies, your hair build-up will show in your Instagram photos. Since showering and camping don’t usually coincide, be proactive and bring a travel size dry shampoo that you can use on-the-go. Get rid of that sweaty, greasy look and be Insta ready with matte-fresh hair.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

From finding your friends to taking videos of your favorite performance, a dead phone is frustrating and inconvenient. Throw a rechargeable battery pack into your bag and plug your phone in for some extra juice throughout the day.

Sunscreen + Aloe Vera

Staying happy and healthy means protecting your skin from those harmful rays. Lather up with sunscreen a few times throughout the day to prevent painful sunburns and skin damage. Include some aloe vera too, just in case you need to soothe a burn or extra dry skin that needs a little love.

Emergency Kit

Accidents happen, especially when your festival schedule involves mosh pits and mass crowds. Pick up an emergency kit stocked with band-aids, medical tape, aspirin, and Neosporin and be prepared for anything that could happen, from hangovers to skinned knees.

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