Outdoor play and games are commonly considered the building blocks of social and physical development for children. But games and leisure sports have benefits for adults too. Recreational activities have proven advantages for those who regularly participate versus those who do not. Besides experiencing fresh air and essential Vitamin D, outdoor activities have physical, mental, and social benefits for all ages.


Outdoor activities and games often incorporate team aspects and cooperation to achieve a common goal. Learning how to work with others competitively can be a challenge, even for adults. From following the rules to developing team goals, outdoor activities encourage self-confidence and coordination with others.

Team games like bocce ball set up a safe yet friendly competitive environment where players support each other and work together. Take the opportunity to meet new people by signing up for recreational activities or get a group of friends together and play in your backyard.

Physical Exercise & Coordination

Outdoor physical activities and regular exercise result in healthier bodies and minds at any age. For children, outdoor games allow for muscle coordination and motor skills development. Learning how to bicycle or skate is a skill that lasts a lifetime, making it easy to participate in other activities like mountain biking, ice skating, skiing, and skateboarding.

Classic outdoor games like croquet sets are low-level activities that focus on strategy, muscle coordination, and spatial awareness, similar to golf. Outdoor movement engages people in experiences outside and with each other in positive ways.

Less Stress & More Sleep

People who exercise regularly have reduced stress. Staying in shape can also help with symptoms of depression. Fresh air and activity outdoors have been proven to reduce anxiety and improve serotonin levels. Regular exercise during the day equals better sleep at night, which leads to better concentration and increased energy the following day.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. Gym workouts are not always as productive as the great outdoors, it turns out. Studies have shown that those who exercise indoors use less energy than people who exercise outside. Try a new recreational sport or take a routine workout outdoors for fresh air and increased stamina.

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