Growing up, everyone had parents that signed them up for different sports and activities. To get out of the house, sure, but also to get out of our comfort zones. From volleyball to softball, dance lessons to tennis matches, learning sports skills can help motor development and social development in children.

But what happens when kids shift into adulthood? It turns out, the benefits of outdoor hobbies extend beyond childhood. Regular exercise, social connections, and discovering a personal passion are all proven perks of outdoor yard games and recreational sports. Allow yourself to take a break from your everyday routine and try something new outdoors.

Meeting new people as an adult can be challenging. You see the same people at work every day, hang out with family at home, surf social media, and the cycle continues. Outdoor hobbies and sports take a break from your typical social interactions and allow you to meet new people in a team atmosphere. Create opportunities for yourself to step out of your social comfort zone and share your passions outside of a boring routine.

Outdoor games and activities are a great stress reliever and let you push yourself to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Teamwork is a tremendous way to support others and yourself as you strive to succeed together. Regular exercise is also proven to reduce stress and elevate serotonin levels naturally.

Playing backyard games with family and friends is an easy activity that gets you outdoors and build relationships with fun competition. Whether picking up a new volleyball set for a family reunion or teaching others how to play croquet, outdoor backyard games are simple to learn and fun for all ages and abilities.

With the summer season quickly approaching, take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy a hobby or sport. Meet new people, join a team, set personal goals, and rediscover passions you left untouched in a while. For outdoor games that last through even the toughest matches and games, Baden Backyard makes high-quality outdoor game sets that are easy to store at home and transport on-the-go. Take healthy challenges head on with outdoor activities and reap the social and physical benefits along the way.

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