With summer blooming and warm weather on the rise, it’s time to transition your makeup routine. Wearing a full face of foundation can suffocate skin during warmer (and therefore sweatier) months. Thankfully, no-makeup makeup s trending on the spring and summer 2018 runways around the world.

Curious how you can get radiant and healthy-looking skin without the use of heavy bronzer or shimmery powders? Low-maintenance ladies rejoice—beauty and skincare routines have never been simpler. You can easily trade dullness and dehydration for clear and glowing skin, all without the use of products that contain toxins and unsafe chemicals.

Cleansing your face regularly creates a clean slate for everything that follows. Choose a gentle wash that purifies without stripping and hydrates without clogging pores. Soft, moisturized skin is the perfect base for barely-there makeup. A hydrating cleanser removes dead and dull skin on the surface to reveal fresh, glowing skin underneath.

Lightweight skincare products should be your go-to essentials during warm and humid summer months. Remember to apply SPF sunscreen every morning to protect skin from sun damage and the signs of aging. Stay away from chemical sunscreens that often include toxic ingredients that release destructive free radicals and other unwanted reactions within the skin. Choose a sunscreen that is packed with antioxidants that protect and rejuvenate skin simultaneously for multitasking coverage.

For skin that suffers from stubborn dryness, signs of aging, or sun damage, supplement your routine with a hydrating serum and an exfoliator to strengthen and rejuvenate skin. Removing dry skin cells, grime, and sweat with a gentle exfoliator at least one or two days a week makes it easier for the serum to penetrate skin more deeply. For the hydrating serum, look for natural ingredients like green tea extract, noni fruit extract, and seaweed that have antioxidant properties to protect and repair skin, and encourage a natural glow.

Summer can exacerbate dry and wrinkles, since air conditioning can dehydrate skin and the strong sun rays cause damage, leading to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. A nourishing and protective skincare routine is essential for cultivating a radiant, natural glow. Lightweight moisture from potent yet natural ingredients is an easy way to plump and firm skin.

Dealing with stubborn adult acne? You’re probably worried that a no-makeup makeup look will inevitably reveal redness, blemishes, and inflammation. Start a consistent cleansing routine, morning and night, to balance oil and sebum production. Summer heat increases sweating and often fosters unwanted bacteria growth. Radiant skin comes from healthy skin cells, which need antioxidants to thrive. Use an antioxidant serum to help clear acne and reduce the appearance of dark spots, making it easy to confidently go makeup-free this summer.

Purposefully caring for skin is important in any season, but protecting and nourishing skin during the summer is the best way to confidently go makeup-free. Start being intentional with skincare to let your skin thrive. True Botanicals creates skincare collections with safe and natural ingredients. Perfect for achieving a no-makeup makeup look without toxins or sulfates, their skincare nourishes and encourages radiant skin. Be comfortable and confident in your own skin and try a makeup-free look this summer.

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