Whatever the reason, be it preferring a “no makeup” makeup look or the love of a quick makeup routine, it’s okay to stick to the essentials when it comes to your beauty bag. Streamlining your routine helps you get out the door quicker and you also don’t need a ton of products to look and feel your best, whether you’re on your way to work or to spend time with friends.

Use this guide to create a customizable makeup routine for yourself, depending on your preferences and needs. Don’t need an eyebrow liner? Cool, switch it out for a waterproof eyeliner. Be beauty conscious and pick out products that don’t use animal products or testing, like a vegan and cruelty free mascara.

Here’s a breakdown of the makeup products you need for a low-maintenance beauty bag.

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

A curated palette with a range of neutral yet pigmented shades should always hold a spot in your beauty bag. Whether you’re swiping on a lush neutral shade before going to brunch or creating a smoky eye for a fun night out, a neutral eyeshadow palette lets you create endless looks. This is also a great essential for creating a professional look during your week.

Choose a palette with shades that match your complexion as well as the majority of your wardrobe. Have an afternoon on the weekend when you try out a bunch of different looks. Figure out what you like and dislike while feeling out your creative makeup side. Check your social media for everyday makeup inspiration.

Tubing Mascara

A vegan mascara with a tubing formula is your next beauty bag essential. Unlike conventional mascara formulas, tubing mascaras use buildable fibers to lengthen and lift each individual lash. This means flake-free volume that lasts all day. Forget about applying faux lashes for an event or realizing you have raccoon eyes two minutes before your boardroom presentation.

After you apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner (if so desired), apply a few swipes of tubing mascara. This fibrous formula requires some precision in the application process, but the results are absolutely worth it.

Waterproof Eyebrow Liner or Waterproof Eyeliner

This choice is up to you. If your eyebrows need to be filled out before you leave your home and head to work, a waterproof eyebrow liner will last you all day and keep you feeling put together long after your last meeting. Make sure that your waterproof eyebrow liner matches your hair root shade. Or, if you’d rather add more definition to your eyes, choose a waterproof eyeliner for the smudge-proof detail you’re looking for.

You can also choose both! If these add the versatility and range your beauty bag craves, there’s no reason you can’t keep both of these makeup must-haves on the ready.

CC Cream

This multitasking color-correcting cream covers a variety of purposes in a single formula. It’s perfect for concealing dark circles, redness, blemishes, and fine lines. This is a great choice for those with rosacea or inflamed skin. Choose a weightless formula that’s oil-free and has SPF to protect your skin while you’re out and about on the weekends or on lunch break.

Apply using your fingers or use a blending sponge for smoother and more even coverage. Finish with a setting powder to blur pores and fine lines, while keeping your CC cream matte all day long.

About Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics creates 100% cruelty-free, vegan makeup that contains proven ingredients without the use of parabens or sulfates. A beauty brand and philosophy that beauty goes beyond skin deep, for every product purchased one is donated to a woman in need. From their tubing mascara to their waterproof eyebrow liner, Thrive Causemetics creates high-performance makeup that makes a difference.

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