Summer makeup trends fill our Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards year after year, but often they are so far out of our comfort zones that we do not even want to try to attempt them. Trends are fun because they allow us to experiment with color, texture, and application. But there has to be a middle-ground between timeless classics and funky fads (fishtail eyebrows, anyone?).

Need some help navigating weirdly creative makeup styles hitting the runway this summer? Here’s an easy tutorial guide with classic takes on current summer makeup trends.

Brilliantly Bright Eyes

Grunge had its era; now it’s time for open eyes and brilliant illumination. Shimmery, pastel colors used to highlight and widen the eye area are popular amongst celebrities and fashion gurus alike this summer. Brightening the inner corner of the eyes has been a makeup staple for the majority of the 2010’s, but you can confidently take it to another level this season.

Use a highlighter pen to lighten and brighten the inner corner of the eyes. Then sparingly use it on the brow bones underneath eyebrows. Pair with pastel eyeshadows with pink and champagne undertones for a youthful and shimmery glow. After applying mascara, use a cotton tip to remove dark flakes or smudges for a clean and bright look.

No-Makeup Makeup

Finally, the trend every girl can get behind. The au natural look is coming back to the runway, focusing on flawless skin and low-key cosmetics. But the key to understanding this fad is choosing products that freshen skin and last all day.

Sweat proof makeup is a fantastic tool to achieve this summer look. Use waterproof bronzer to create a sun-kissed look, but avoid serious contouring. Cosmetics that have skin-loving properties like Vitamin B5 serve a dual purpose as hydrating skincare and pigmented makeup in a convenient package. Less is more with this trend, and we can only hope it sticks around past this summer season.

Vibrant Color Palettes

Blue eyeshadow may be this summer’s biggest predicted trend, but vibrant colors are taking over eyeshadow palettes across the board. If bright eyeshadow colors are not your favorite style, take this fad in a different direction.

A highly pigmented color stick is the perfect solution for intense color on your cheeks and lips. Apply a shimmery or matte shade with potent color that lasts all day. Blend out with a makeup brush so that the rich hue is not glaringly intense but instead subtly colorful.

Shimmer Me Pretty

Notice a theme yet? Makeup artists and gurus alike are loving natural glow styles this year. While you might already have shimmery makeup products in your makeup bag already, it is probably time to update how you apply them.

Apply a lightweight highlighter with vegan makeup brushes along the bridge of your nose and on the cupid’s bow of your upper lip. Sparingly layer to amplify your skin’s natural glow.

Take a step out of your comfort zone and try these Summer 2018 makeup styles for yourself. This season is all about individuality and natural glow. For high-performance makeup versatile in every season and any style, Thrive Causemetics creates collections with vibrant, pigmented colors and skin-loving ingredients. From vivid colors to shimmery highlighter, strike a balance between trendy creativity and classic style that is all your own this summer.

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