Summer is the season of outdoor adventures and family vacations, fun in the sun and relaxing on the beach. From mountain lakes to coastal oceans, bonding over a friendly competitive game and a couple of s’mores over a bonfire are great ways to make memories at the beach. Here are a few outdoor yard games that easily travel to the beach for hours of fun.

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With easy rules and simple strategy, cornhole is a great game to bring along for a sunny day at the beach. Originally created in Germany in the fourteenth century, this timeless game can be played by kids and adults of various abilities and strengths.

Arrange a cornhole set with the two boards facing each other with about 25 feet between them. Depending on the players’ ages and abilities, the distance can be adjusted closer or farther away. Play with two or four players and have the opposing teams stand beside both boards. Each team throws into the board opposite, and in a simple game, the team with the most bean bags successfully in the hole wins the round. You can also play with best two out of three games, or however long you want to keep playing.

For more structured games, a round is completed when all of the bags have been tossed. A successful bean bag throw results in 3 points. Keep playing rounds until reaching a team reaches 21 points, making them the winner.

Pick a high-quality cornhole set durable enough to travel, making it easy to pick up and go to your next summer beach day or autumn tailgate event.


Volleyball is one of the most fun games to play on the beach. Great for older kids and adults, this outdoor game is easy to set up and take with you on-the-go. A full game of volleyball can include up to six players on each side, making it easy to include larger groups.

After assembling a durable volleyball set, line the court with boundary lines 60’ by 30’. The server must serve the volleyball from behind the boundary line, using an overhand or underhand technique. The goal is to let the ball touch the ground on the opposing team’s side. If the ball lands outside the boundary lines, the points go to the team whose side it lands closest to.

Playing sand volleyball is a fun team activity out in the sun, especially in hot weather. For more detailed directions, visit Baden Backyard for easy to understand volleyball rules and other outdoor game rules, like cornhole and bocce ball.


Beach badminton is an entertaining spin on this classic garden game. Similar to volleyball and tennis, this laidback game is great for all ages and intermediate abilities. Great for two to four players, this leisurely backyard game travels easily to the beach for hours of back-and-forth fun.

High-quality badminton sets include highly visible boundary lines, net, and shuttlecocks. Players serve from the right half court when their current score is zero or an even number, and the left side of the court when their score is odd. Teams switch sides after each game and the winning team serves first on the next game. The winning team wins the bests of 3 games.

Each game plays to 21 points, making it a longer beach game than others if played more competitively. This intermediate game makes for a great beach day competition with easy rules and skillful play that lasts for hours of fun in the sun.

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