If you love to DIY, homeownership is a dynamite opportunity to dive deep into your creative well. It’s exceptionally easy to focus on the fun aspects of home ownership when you don’t have to worry about budgeting for emergencies such as appliance and system malfunctions. It’s an excellent idea to budget for a home warranty that protects large items from everyday wear and tear. A home warranty works in conjunction with your homeowner’s insurance to fill the gap in coverage, allowing you to focus on making your house a home.

Making your home a space that reflects your individuality and style is not as difficult as it might seem. No matter your tastes, here are five ideas to refresh your bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Focus on the hardware

Even if you buy your home brand new, chances are the knobs, pulls, and towel racks are all brushed nickel. It’s easy to liven things up by switching to a different metal (even brass is making a comeback).For a bohemian or farmhouse look, mix and match metals and textures to achieve an individual flare. A great example of mixing texture and metal would be copper pulls on cabinets and raw crystal knobs on drawers.

2. Pick a new shade

Bathrooms are the perfect place to experiment with color as they are often small, and if they don’t include a window, they can seem gloomy. Ditch the safe zone and embrace a bolder palette with a bright pastel or vibrant tones you’d see in the Caribbean. If you can’t embrace a full-on color scheme makeover, start small and paint the vanity with a bold choice and keep the walls a soft neutral, such as gray or greige.

3. Rejuvenate your reflection

Mirrors are a quick and easy update. They cost next to nothing, but modernizing them can transform an entire wall in your bathroom. Antique mirrors look excellent in modern bathrooms and can be acquired on the cheap. If you don’t want to hunt for the perfect option, merely frame out the mirror you have for a quick fix that packs a big punch.

4. Add functional storage

Relaxing in a cluttered bathroom is almost impossible. Fresh storage options will keep you organized and are fairly easy to find and install.

• For everyday items, bring the spa home with stylish glass containers.

• Hang hooks that suit your style for robes and bath towels.

• Group similar extras (such as hand soap) together with chic baskets.

• If you have kids or roommates, paint and hang crates on the wall with coordinating name labels to keep everyone organized.

5. Spring for a bonus

You can implant some luxury while maintaining your budget. Spring for a touchless toilet, or better yet, one that cleans itself. You can also enhance your daily shower routine with a new deluxe showerhead. If you have a spare wall, it’s an excellent opportunity to install a heated towel rack for an ultimate spa experience.

Protect the investment into your home by allocating funds for a home warranty plans option that provides access to reliable service contractors and makes filing a claim a stress-free process.

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