When you leave on vacation, the last thing you want to focus on is being robbed. By taking preventive measures before you venture out on your break, your mind can concentrate on having a great time while you’re away. These tips will keep your things protected while you’re away. For the ultimate protection while you’re away, invest in a wireless home security system.

Put a stop to it

Piles of mail, packages on your doorstep, and newspapers accumulating on the drive are all dead giveaways that your house is unoccupied. If you’re leaving the house for more than a few days, ensure you stop your mail and newspaper delivery.

Don’t change it up

Leave your window coverings the same way you normally do. If you draw the blinds and curtains, then leave them closed. If you usually let the light in and have them open, keep them that way. A deviation from routine can be a heads up that you aren’t home.

Keep your lawn trim

Hire a company to come out and mow, with the lawn clean and trim it will definitely look inhabited.

Put a timer on it

Purchase one or two timers for lights in the house; having them come on at hours you would usually be home will make it look as if you actually are.

Leave the lights on

Ensure the outside of your home is well lit, especially at night. A well-lit home is a deterrent for nefarious intentions as people rarely want their crimes to be viewed.

Lose the spare

Wherever you keep your spare key, it is highly likely that a thief can find it. Even snazzy inventions that keep your spare key hidden are easy to research and find in your yard. The best way to prevent it being found is to remove it completely. If you are worried about being locked out of your house in the future, invest in keyless entry front door hardware.

Don’t forget the garage

Not only should you lock the door that leads from the garage into the house, but you should also unplug your garage door opener. As great as technology is, home invaders utilize it to operate universal remotes that can let them into your garage with next to no effort.

Bonus Steps

• Let your neighbors park in your driveway, new different cars will make it appear that you have traffic going in and out of the house.

• Ask a friend to popover and ensure everything is as it should be

• Invest in a video doorbell that will make it appear you are home if someone comes knocking.

• If you park at the airport, delete “home” from your GPS system. Thieves are innovative, and stealing a car at the airport and then driving it home so they can rob you twice with half the effort is much easier on them.

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